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I think it’s safe to say Summer has arrived! Graced with its arrival, Summer came bearing gift such as offering us shorts, little dresses and summer makeup filled with wonderful colors. For its 2014 collection, Yves Rocher found inspiration from the idea of spending a whole summer in the Mediterranean (where I actually lived for a year and that I truly miss… sniff sniff). With a distinct package and different textures, the overall gives an impressive result! Color wise, Yves Rocher didn’t reinvent the wheel (gold, turquoise, bronze tones), but succeeded to add that special touch with hints of navy blue, hot raspberry and canary yellow.



First and foremost, I have to mention that the bronzer is included in this collection. With a three color bronzer (light, fair and dark), it’ll go well on many skin tones and the pigmentation is rather small, which makes it an excellent product for girls with light skin. For those of you with a darker skin tone (light to far), it will also be a great product if you’re starting on the bronzer scene and wish to stay cleared from an oomph loompa’s finished look.

oompa loompa

The only thing that let me down with the bronzer was its metallic shimmer, although they are more visible in the product itself than on the skin, so I’ll let this one slide.

The other product of the collection is a little eye shadow pack, with a sparkly gold tone, a satin bronze and navy blue shades. It has a creamy texture and great value money wise. I’ll show you a look I’ve created with the eye shadows and some eye pencils.

The collection comes with a small perfume and bodywash that compliments each other. I shall now quote Yves Rocher for its perfume’s description because if it were coming from me, I’d say something like I like the smell of citrus: both products contain essential oils of bergamot, citrus and mandarine, while also having some woody notes and citrus flowers. The result feels mega fresh and even in the middle of january I’d still wear this fragrance. When I’m in the shower, I have the tendancy to opt for moisturized products, since I have dry skin. Although, the perfume doesn’t last that long, it’s right on the spot  regarding my citrus taste. It reminds me of the wonderful beaches of the French Riviera!


For the eyes, the collection contains four eye pencils/shadows with a long lasting effect. Dark blue, turquoise, canary yellow and a bronze shade. “The heck am I gonna do with a yellow pen” you shall ask me? Why not change your light color in the inside crease with yellow or even use the eye pencil to give that extra edge factor to you golden eye makeup? As of turquoise, I can propose to only apply the color on the waterline and keep the gold tones or bronze for the whole eyelid.   You may now go and have fun with the blue and bronze colors, you’re welcome!

And now for the lips, there are three raspberry extract glosses available in a coppery color, gold and fuchsia. The glosses should be named more as lipsticks than a gloss since there’s a strong pigmentation! If you’re looking  for a light summer gloss you can put without the help of a mirror, just keep looking. Too bad the brush isn’t as precise or adapted to high quality products such as this one. I ended up with fuchsia all over my face, it was wonderful! Better go with a smaller brush when it comes to apply color on your lips.

The most unusual product of all was certainly the golden shimmer mascara. At first, I was a bit skeptic, but I got warm to the idea and find it cute on me. For the summer festivals, it will definitely give that extra touch without going too much overboard. As for makeup artists out there, it also works for your eyebrows. Yep I know, I’ve tried it!

Onto the nail polish, there are five different shades (raspberry, gold, bronze, navy blue and yellow) + a shattered turquoise. The colors are soooo nice and the format is soooo cute, bad news is, it doesn’t last long, even on your toe nails (everything last on my toenails which is weird….).


I only have one question… Where can I find this über cute makeup bag ASAP?


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