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Last Summer, I took the opportunity to open up while shooting in lingerie. I decided it was now time to feel good in our own body, since according to me, true beauty starts within. I also wrote about double standards in our society or the under-representation of the average women where being skinny still is the beauty standards in spite of an increasing number of post that speak out and advertise plus size women. In any cases, these “average” women, just like me don’t have any role model to identify themselves to.

I’ve received so many messages about this articles, incredible support, I even got recognized in the street and was told I inspired people -WOW- what a roller coaster of emotions. I’ll admit I didn’t except that kind of reaction. I didn’t think it would reach out that much. for me, it was only a mere reflexion on what I wished to share with the world. All of these received comments made me realized how much we need to bring that subject up, to remind ourselves how pretty we are, that we have the right say it out loud and be happy with our body, simple as that. This is what struck me the most – the fact that we realized how much we need (I include myself here) to tell ourselves we’re beautiful in order to start believing it.

It’s crazy what the blog makes me do. Two weeks ago, if you asked me I would publish outfit posts on the blog while wearing lingerie that will be seen by thousands of readers per month, I wouldn’t have believed you and yet, here I am, because I believe that seeing different type of shapes and sizes might help change things up, slowly but surely. No, I don’t think my body is perfect, but it’s mine and I have to learn to be at peace and love it. I’ll admit, it isn’t easy when you work in the fashion industry – a world where you compare yourself to others on a daily basis. Yes there are moments where life isn’t that easy, where I wish to loose weight, that I told myself I should perhaps be more careful with what I eat, to hit the gym more often. When that little voice comes up, it isn’t for the good reasons, it’s only there because of the beauty standards that has been shove down my throat and haunts me for a day a two, then, I realized how happier I am just the way I am, in this body. Whenever I don’t drive myself crazy with these beauty standards or what I wish to change about my body and only see the good sides, it’s a life changing experience.

Would you say, you also feel the same way?

Anyways, I just had to share.

_MG_7711 _MG_7701

I’m wearing here an ensemble from Passionata, a French brand from the same retail chain as Chantelle. I had a soft spot for this light green/blue, a color that we don’t see that often in lingerie. I love its lace and little details, such as the lace embroidery. It’s the type of mix and match I’d wear daily to feel great in my own body and feel on fleck all day long.


Lingerie: Passionata
Scraf: Aritzia
Earrings: Lost and Faune
Photos: Éva-Maude TC
Location: La ruche blanche

_MG_7714 _MG_7718

_MG_7721 _MG_7731

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