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For some, shopping is like a drug, that sometimes makes us feel guilty towards our dear wallet. Fortunately, The Booklet had always found solutions to this wonderful problem. In the spirit, we shall now maximize the most trendy items of Summer 2014 while minimizing the use of your wallet!

Item’s application requirements:

  • Summer versatile item
  •  20$ or less (always room for a compromise)
  • Shows a trend from Summer 2014

 Jungle adventure

For those of you who saw it coming, yes, one of the Summer trends we can all guess is indeed the jungle print! Luckily for all, this print has been adapted to any type of garments.
H&M – 5,95$
Maillot 14,95$ H&M – 14,95$
For a more adventurous look…

Wish 6$

Wish – 6$

Protect your eyes!
Round sunglasses, it’s a YES !
lunettes 2 pour 15$
Ardène – 2 for 15$


Show us what’s on your mind! 

And yeah, for some reason, your style is an extension of your personality. So, if you want to spoil yourself and wear a top with this kind of print, it’s always really trendy. The amazing part with this trend is that it’s almost endless!

H&M – 14,95$
Top Shop 10$
Top Shop – 10$

Uncover your ankle’s sex-appeal!

This Summer, the sandal with an ankle flange is OH so trendy! Comfiness also plays its part, in addition, the sexiness  acquired will make turn some heads, either from the fashionistas and the men!

bd ardene

Ardène – 50% off 

Spring 34,98$
Spring – 34,98$

I love my navy blue!

We love white, we love navy blue, pairing both colors together, WE ADORE! Without going over the top with this pattern, the sailor theme seems to never leave the billboard of summer fashion trends. Depending of your outfit, dare to add  a small sailor inspired item, it’s healthy for the mind!

short 16$ forever21
Forever 21 – 16,80$

Maxi dresses are so enjoyable to wear during Summer!

robe maxi 10$
Urban Planet – 10$

Uncover your aerial silhouette! 

Always a pleasure to head towards the beach. Clothed just enough to get there also, we already feel like we’re in the ocean and wearing our swimsuit that we can’t wait to unveil!

cache-maillot 17,80$
Forever 21 – 17,80$

No, this isn’t a golfing outfit!

Yes, the bermuda shorts is permitted during the hot season! We adore the always chic Victoria Beckham’s outfit! Us too, we dare the bermuda shorts!
bermuda victoria Beckham
bermuda long
Forever 21 – 23,80$
bermuda jeans demin 23,80$
Forever 21 – 23,80$

Bubblegum, isn’t only a candy!

Powder pink cotton candy style or bubblegum is THE color this Summer. Fuchsia and other dazzling colors can be put on hold for a moment and let’s have fun with pastel shades. Regardless of the item, the availably of the style is ubiquitous in stores!

rose 14,50$
Etsy – 14,50$

 In cocooning mode

Finally, Summer doesn’t mean +30 degrees celsius all season long, we’re all aware of that! So I’ll hereby show you a type of sweater we all love, cocooning style, spacious enough for comfort and its look and is also long enough to hide some leg. We can also wear it with a pair of shorts and the majority of your body will be kept warm (ideal for an evening around a fire camp)

pull 20 $ wishWish – 20$

wish 18$

Wish – 18$

So fly away my dear fashionistas! The stores are calling your name and your wallet won’t hold grudge against you, I promise!

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