The thing I hear the most often when I talk to any of my friends or meet new people: HOW DO YOU DO ALL THAT? They all assume my life is exhausting. Between working full time in the dynamic field of digital marketing, being editor of The Booklet, producing and performing multiple shows and events a month, to spending time with family and friends, reading, gaming, and cuddling my dog… I am quite busy.

Dog cuddles

Mister sleeping after a hard day at work


My secret? I follow my passions. Oh… and I don’t always manage do it all. And I’m fine with that!

Most people look at my google calendar (yes, as I’ve stated before, I’m that kind of overly pragmatic person) and they get dizzy. I actually have to disable calendars when I’m on a mobile if I want to be able to actually see anything on a given day.

It does get hectic and crazy. My apartment is often messy beyond acceptable societal norms. I don’t really get to see friends unless they are attending the events I’m organizing or attending. I eat out more than I should (more than my wallet really allows).

It is all OK though. Why? Because I am content. Because I am happy with the compromises I make in order to do the things that make me happy. I could not imagine living a life devoid of dreams.

Drag queens on stage

Picture taken while performing at Just for Laughs 2017


The other factor that is huge in making it all work, is that I do all of this surrounded by the people I love. My shows and events are all dreamt up and executed with my insanely talented husband. My dog Mister comes to work with me every day. My friends are all passionate people, be they geeks, artists, or book worms. My sister and my mom collaborate with me on the blog. I enjoy the outdoors and take the time to disconnect from the world with my dad.

My life is not exhausting, it is exhilarating. Who ever said life was about balance IS A LIAR. Life is about leaping without looking first, following your heart, and always dreaming bigger!

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