Since I’ve been born and raised in Plateau Mont-Royal, I have the tendency of taking these signs pretty seriously. I hope you might identify yourself as well here, even if you’ve adopted Montreal as your home recently!

1- Saint-Viateur VS Fairmount, you clearly have an opinion on that dilemma! 

(If it isn’t the case, you’ve probably tested both places one too many times in order to choose)

PS: If you have no clue what I’m talking about here, time you do your research my friend!

2- Mont-Royal is the perfect location to unwind!

What a gem! Funny how we have a bit of the country side in the heart of Montreal. We can’t help ourselves but to take a breath of fresh air atop the mountain

PS: If you’ve only been where the statue is or where the tam-tams are on sundays, there more if you go higher! Another world to discover.

3- You whether don’t have your driver’s license, or you’re a PRO in parallel parking.

We don’t have ordinary drivers here on the island of Montreal. There are real public dangers and those who have no clue on how to use their inner compass while driving.

PS: If you’re like me, after finishing your driving courses, you ended up using your bicycle instead. As least, you’re not as much dangerous to yourself.

4- You clearly not that going for a run isn’t the occasion to wear ugly looking clothes even if the latter are soooo comfy!

I mean, you can…. but beware, you’ll be surprised!

PS: My boyfriend will never understand that if you invest 100$ for Lululemon pants. Even if you touch the fabric… he doesn’t get it…

5- You’re scared of bums!

It isn’t because you never see them

PS: If you have also gotten into an argument whit a bum after giving him “only” 1$, because you didn’t to finance his 10th subscription of staying overnight at a housing facility, or simply because you only had food to offer or simply you didn’t smile properly…



6- Diet can’t never happen here, there are too many great restaurants to try!

So mannyyyyy

PS: Have you also waited in line outside in the freezing cold simply to eat cute little potatoes? SO WORTH IT!



7- You know that picking your empty beers in the part, isn’t about picking up after yourself. 

There are people who earn a living doing so or simply love the activity of empty bottle picking.

PS: Plus it looks cleaner so please… make an effort.


8- A Montrealer who eats, isn’t that simple. 

You have not as much friends for each of these categories: raw food, vegetarian, etc.

PS: You probably felt guilty if you don’t follow a particular diet, but know that if you’re flexible without knowing it…. you’ll find restaurants that will suits anyone’s needs.



9- Montreal is filled with potholes, pretty disgustingly looking during winter and it’s impossible to park…

However, she has all of a mom’s qualities. Her food is the best, she’s warm and friendly and you feel at home.

PS: And since it’s the case with my mom, if you say something bad, I will hunt you and kill you (metaphorically).


10- You secretly dream one day to own a piece of land, your own basement and neighbors who live far, far away. 

But that will come once you’re a real grown up…

PS: The day when you’ll become an “adult” depends on your denial propensity! For some, it’s when they are kids while for others, it happens at the pension.


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