Endometriosis affects one in ten women. It takes an average of seven years to be properly diagnosed (imagine living seven years in uncertainty!). Endometriosis is a chronic disease that causes endometrial formations outside the uterus, on adjacent tissues, and organs in general. Although the resulting pain follows the hormonal cycle and usually intensifies during ovulation and menstruation, it can also be constantly present. For more information, visit: Endometriosis Network Canada.

Here are five good reasons, albeit not the only reasons, to practice yoga if you suffer from endometriosis and wish to pursue a more natural approach to relieving the pain that’s ruining your life! Psst, studies have shown the effectiveness of yoga in relieving pain related to endometriosis and improving quality of life. Yoga can also have an influence on the hormonal system.

Yoga X breathing

It’s not uncommon for a person’s respiratory pattern to be disrupted due to chronic pain. In such instances, people tend to breathe faster and therefore less deeply. It’s been proven that breathing exercises (often done in conjunction with yoga) can help calm your nervous system, thereby helping to regulate your breathing pattern which in turn helps decrease your perception of pain.

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Yoga X meditation

Whether using the Yin or Yang approach, people generally feel relaxed after a session of yoga. This feeling contributes to the effectiveness of self-management pain mechanisms. With experience, you can practice yoga in a meditative state, thereby attaining a greater sense of relaxation and a reduction in the perception of pain. Here are some of the many positive effects of meditation upon pain-management.

Yoga X stress

Generally, stress, anxiety, pain and illness  can be reduced through the regular practice of yoga.

Yoga X constipation

Endometriosis is very often accompanied by constipation. The breathing exercises, stretches, and abdominal contractions performed during yoga help stimulate your digestive tract, thereby relieving constipation. Relief of constipation can promote relief of endometriosis-related pain as well.

Yoga X flexibility

Asanas (physical poses/postures) stretching the abdomen, pelvic area, perineal area and lower limbs are beneficial in the presence of endometriosis. These postures can be practiced on a daily basis!

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In addition, yoga often leads to a healthy lifestyle and improved eating habits; all  of which can have a positive influence on the pain associated with endometriosis!


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