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Can love last? Yes, I’m sure. The proof: my parents are the cutest couple I know, even after 25 years together. There is no magic recipe but incorporating a little romance in our day to day life seems to help a lot. Here are some tips to keep the flame burning bright in your relationship:

Walk hand in hand to the neighbourhood ice-cream shop to enjoy a little treat.

Offer a bouquet of flowers to your partner, on the spur of the moment, and for no particular reason.

Watch the same television series and detest the same characters.

Take a walk after supper to talk without the worry of little ears listening in on your conversation.

Have a theme song. My father’s is “t’es ma femme, t’es la plus belle” (translation: “you’re my woman, you’re the prettiest”). You can be corny and cute at any age.

Don’t forget to celebrate the anniversary of the day you met.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in some manner.

Get married after 20 years of living as a couple. It’s never too late, right?

Spend time on projects and activities of mutual interest, like going on a trip. My mother enjoys organizing it and my father is happy to go along with whatever plans she makes.

Be proud of your partner and his/her accomplishments. My mother’s facial expression whenever she says “my husband” is simply adorable.

Keep coquetry to a minimum. Pay attention to your personal hygiene.

Establish a “coming home” routine. My father likes a quick kiss upon his return from work. Without. Exception.

Carve some time out for yourselves; perhaps to watch a movie at the cinema. Shopping for ceramic tiles at Rona doesn’t count.

Be open to trying new things; perhaps sampling a new dish together.

Take a moment to relax together. For my parents, it’s drinking a cup of coffee while listening to “Salut Bonjour!” on Sunday mornings.

Don’t let arguments go on forever. In fact, my parents seldom quarrel anymore. Except for their annual quarrel about making changes to the flower bed.



Continue to surprise your partner; perhaps by showing up at their workplace unexpectedly to wish him/her a wonderful day.

Be aware of your partner’s strengths and learn how to deal with his/her weaknesses. For instance, my mother has learned to tune out my father when he inevitably starts ranting about other drivers. To each his own!

Compliment your partner. My father really likes seeing my mother in a dress.

Wait to dine with your partner, even if it means eating a little later than usual, so that you can talk about your day as you enjoy dinner together.

Be each other’s best friend. My father doesn’t really have any friends, just acquaintances. Having my mother to confide in is enough for him.

So yes, love can last. The flame can burn for a long time, and for some, it can last a lifetime. If you really love the person you’re with, don’t take him/her for granted. Make time to connect. Make time to make sure your partner knows how important he/she is to you…

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