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Your lips have a difficult time withstanding Québec’s glacial winters? Here are the must have products to make the long winter months more tolerable for your lips!

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5. Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

When standard lip balms can’t heal the damage inflicted by extreme weather conditions, this little jar comes to the rescue. At first, I was a little sceptical about applying vaseline to my lips but I was thrilled with the instant relief it procured. Note: vaseline will not rehydrate your lips; it serves strictly as a barrier. Use it only in case of extreme urgency, in combination with a moisturizing lip balm.

vaseline, baume, lip therapy, lèvres gercées, lèvres sèchesSource: Vaseline website

4. Enydrial Repairing Lip Care (Stick), by ROC

It’s gentle, glides onto lips and is non-comedogenic: what more could you ask for? This balm is perfect for lips suffering from normal dehydration. Enriched with vitamin E and bisabolol, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, makes Enydrial a real winner, and above all, affordable!

lèvres gercées, baume à lèvres, lèvres sèches, roc, enydrialSource: ROC Dermatologic website

3. Avène Lip Balm With Cold Cream

Those of us who are familiar with Avène know that the company is renowned for its sensitive skincare products. The Cold Cream line is no exception: the lip balm has an extremely rich texture, perfect for dry chapped lips. It soothes, repairs and hydrates lips: everything we need in the heart of winter!

Source: Avène website

2. Arbonne Shea Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm

This product has a significant head start over its competitors. Manufactured by Arbonne, a cruelty free company whose products are made exclusively with natural ingredients that are all vegan… You gotta love that! This shea butter lip balm is hydrating and has a subtle fragrance that’s very pleasant. Your lips will feel softer thanks to the purest ingredients!

arbonne, beurre de karité, produits végétaliens, vegan, produits naturels, baume à lèvresSource: Arbonne Canada website

1. Arbonne Vanilla Bean Lip Therapy Set

This set consists of a gentle exfoliator and a lip treatment. Perfect for removing dead skin and deeply nourishing lips. The treatment is definitely effective and I love the smell of it… as well as the taste! The fragrance makes me think of a rich vanilla icing. You can even take a lick of it without worry given its all natural ingredients… it really does taste like vanilla icing! Don’t wait too long because this Vanilla Bean Holiday Set is available for a limited time only.

arbonne, produits naturels, traitement lèvres, exfoliant lèvres, produits végétaliens, vanilleSource: Arbonne website


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