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Sunglasses that are artistic, exotic, eco-friendly and support a great cause, yes they do exist! On a sunny Monday morning as humid as the Amazonian region, Camille Dg and I went to café Brooklyn on St-Viateur street (very cozy place) to meet Miquel and Zeus from Etnia Barcelona Montreal.


We were really excited to meet them, because last time we saw them was a long way back during Winter and we fell in love with their Klein Blue collection  (here’s the article we wrote in french from this adventure). Although this time, it was literally love at first sight with their new sunglasses collection called Wild Love in Africa. The truth? It was already a foregone conclusion in our hearts since throughout our previous shopping session when we were looking for a new pair ourselves (we actually ended up getting one from the brand) and at the same time, we had the chance to  Miquel and Zeus (the article here, also in french about the magical time spent at Grimard Optique).


The inspiration

The theme of this new collection came from a collaboration between Etnia Barcelona and Steve McCury , a National Geographic photographer, worldly known for his famous photo of an Afghan refugee in 1985 (with her sparkly and intense green eyes). McCurry has also travelled on the African continent many times and was obviously the perfect candidate to collaborate with, since like the brand, his entire work has been up to this day, extremely colorful and unique. Also, the magic happened in a small village situated in South Africa, a village that’d brought Steve McCurry inspiration to express his art and also gave birth to this new collaborated collection with Etnia Barcelona.

Etnia 3

An optician safari

The collection contains three models. Each models are available in 12 colors or different textures (I should say) and were all inspired from the photographer’s journey in South Africa. You can also find animal fur patterns such as zebra stripes, giraffe spots, buffalo horns, fish scales and also natural materials such as wood.




Furthermore, all frames provided with mineral lenses all have a particular coatings. While some have an ombré shade, others possess a “mirror” coat that is über amazing for the fashionistas out there! The overall gives a look to die for, combining style and a complete protection from the UV rays. Rest assured, with one of these sunglasses on, your eyes will be well protected during a safari under the scorching African sun.

Social responsability

With the fact that the frames are 100% made from eco-friendly materials, recycled and biodegradable (yahoo), the collection Wild Love in Africa is associated with ONG Africa Rising Foundation. This non-profit organization was founded by Ndaba and Kweku Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s grandsons) at the end of 2009, contributing in developing the African continent. Why’s that? David Pellecier, president and founder of Etnia Barcelona wanted to give back  of what belonged to Africa: “If the sunglasses were inspired by Africa, we had to give a bit back to what Africa was giving us”.

Collage Etnia


If you want their sunglasses and wish to spoil yourselves during Summer, you can consult the ” shop finder ” section of their website to find the closest retailers.

P.S. Now I think I don’t really have much choice than to create a DIY about sunglasses.

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