With our everyday lifestyle, we always want that little opportunity in order to get out of our routine and share a few laughs with our loved ones. And for these occasions, there’s nothing better than starting the day with and amazing brunch. Therefore, today I’ve decided to share with you my top 10 of Brunch Places Montreal has to offer. Not only the establishments’ concepts are cozy, but what you’ll find on your plate will make your heart skip a beat!

Chez Régine

This brunch place is located on Beaubien, and simply is one of my favorites. Whenever a girlfriend of mine calls and proposes we should go have brunch, I also bring up Chez Régine. Not only this rococo/eclectic ambiance is inviting, but their culinary propositions give my taste buds a wonderful ride. At every visit, I’m always satisfied and filled with happiness.

regine-6-canape-antique-1400Source: Réginecafé

regine-table-17Source: Réginecafé

regine-1400Source: RégineCafé

1840 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC H2G 1L6
(514) 903-0676

Le Vieux Vélo

Once again, located on Beaubien – this street is filled with culinary wonders! In this charming location, Le Vieux Vélo offers a small menu and yet still excellent. Without forgetting their bacon benedictines with brie cheese and extra avocado, god straight pass to heaven!

208011_428052253899252_2141821283_nSource: Le Vieux Vélo

 59 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC H2S 1R1
(514) 439-5595

Maamm Bolduc

Cute location, without forgetting saying the establishment’s name melt my heart. Also this restaurant’s look is completely on the goofy and colorful side. Then, they also have an exquisite service and everything is delicious.

6Source: Maamm

menu-16Source: Maamm

4351 Avenue de Lorimier, Montreal, QC H2H 2B3
(514) 527-3884

Les Affamés

Even if you don’t feel that hungry at Les Affamés -French for famished-, you stomach will always ask for more! At this wonderful place, located on Sainte-Catherine, we always obtain and smiley and courteous service. Also their brunch menu is well chosen and of high quality. Furthermore, the ingredients are fresh and for meat enthusiasts, you shall know you will be well treated during brunch time. Without forgetting to mention, they also offer a drink menu that will go with their breakfast options.

DejeunerSource: Les affamés

4137 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montreal, QC H1V 1X1
(514) 508-8566

Le Passé Composé

On le Plateau Mont-Royal, this is the location by excellence in order to discover new restaurants. This place is filled with culinary wonders and on Roy Street is where you shall discover this French bistro where they never cease to reinvent typical breakfasts.

o-restomtl-photoSource: Le Passé Composé

img_p1Source: Passé Composé

950 Rue Roy E, Montreal, QC H2L 1E8
(514) 524-6663

Le Toasteur

In Montreal, there are two Toaster restaurants, one on Laurier Street and the second in the Villeray district. Equally friendly, they offer the same formula and the latter is amazing. If you ever go, why not try their Toaster special, a sweet/salty mix, simply divine. You’ll thank me later.

11223658_498649696961875_3183695871303217274_nSource: Le toasteur Villeray

767 Rue Villeray, Montreal, QC H2R 1J2
(514) 759-6377

1310 Avenue Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J 1H3
(514) 526-5111

La petite marche

The skylight located in the middle of this restaurant won me over, since it brings a great natural light during your meal. Without forgetter that their menu is delicious and their fruits are always fresh. Ps… the fruit sauce served with pancakes is absolutely to die for!

cb614f_75cf00c3c8b3b6374ce7743ed5795b7e.jpg_srb_p_867_578_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Source: Lapetitemarche

la-petite-marcheSource: Le devoir

5035 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2L8

(514) 842-1994

Cacao 70

Personally, I’m a great chocolate enthusiast. In fact, I don’t live with chocolate but my life revolves around it. So, as soon as someone mentions that wonderful name Cacao 70, I’m already dressed ready to head over that chocolate kingdom. I’m already drooling by looking at the menu and I’m dreaming of my next visit.

Slide2_FRSource: cacao70

Slide4_FRSource: cacao70

2087 Rue Ste-Catherine O, Montreal, QC H3H 1M6
(514) 933-1688

And now, all you need to do is reserve a table or to simply show up in order to discover more about these amazing places, simply because, all of these locations deserve a visit. Then, there’s nothing better to go straight to a brunch place after waking up, it brings me joy and start my day on a good note.

Cover photo:  Le devoir

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