I guess at this point, you're waking up one morning like any other mornings, put your slippers on and you don't even have the time to start your coffee machine that you BFF is already at your front porch. Excited like no other, she announces you the craziest news of all… she's expecting!



Wow, ok, cool, bravo, nice, fuck, ouf… You experience a million emotions all at once. Of course, you do this face where you're excited as hell for her and give her the warmest hug you can give while she tears up and cries a river. Yes, we've gotten to this point. Someone's expecting is your entourage and not any baby, your best friend's baby! It's quite something, it's pretty exciting to say the least because you know how spoiled this little brat will be, and by spoiled, I mean how much you'll love him and spoil him as if he was your own. 

So now that you've taken in the news, I'm making you a small list to do. Because not only it is important to you, but also to your friend and to her offspring that will be born sooner than you think. 

1- BE HAPPY for her. There's never a perfect moment to have a kid. A baby is life, it's beautiful, it's tiny, it's great. If your friend is happy, go along. If she has doubts, listen and comfort her the best that you can. 

2- SPEND TIME with her. Pregnancy can be tough, or easy. Regardless of the matter, these are GREAT changes that affect the body, mood, her relationship, sleeping habits, lifestyle. She'll need your support till her big day! Even when she'll call you in a panic because she'll see her first stretch mark or can't even shave her own legs. Brings her Gravol, food and magazines. Go apply some nail polish on her toes and chat a bit about this little tiny human that will soon see the light of day. 



3- TELL HER she's beautiful with that wonderful belly and even with that whole package that is dark circles and stretch marks. Explain to her how her body is supposed to experience those changes and it's for the best: she's bearing life at this point. There's nothing more magical than this (even if she doesn't feel it or see past it).

4- DON'T STOP to take her out. The more far along she'll be, the more tired she'll get, but that doesn't mean she has to stay home. Go see her, kidnap her and driving her somewhere can do her some good. 

5- TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM by not drinking alcohol with her for a day. Bring her a glass of sparkly champagne that is alcohol free and just have fun with it, perhaps act drunk together… 

6- SUGGEST her to plan her baby shower. I mean, she'll for sure appreciate the gesture (and what a feeling knowing someone could take over that great task you know, it won't go unnoticed). Careful here, she knows you'll be planning her baby shower so don't stress with the gift. Yours doesn't have to the biggest nor most expensive gift of all. What you're suggesting here to do is something that comes from within, that is customized with your name on it or the little one and also to support local artists by shopping locally. It's a greater gift than getting her pacifiers, toys or clothes that she'll for sure received on an industrial scale.

7- HELP her when choosing the interior design of the nursery. Sometimes the boyfriend won't be as all in as you, and to be honest, it doesn't bother them which theme you'll choose. So support her and she'll certainly be gratreful to have you around for that. 

8-LISTEN to her! This doesn't come as news when I tell you from day one of her pregnancy, the baby theme will be more and more recurrent as conversation topics. She'll educate herself and she'll be excited. It's normal. You might find it annoying over time… but it's your duty as her friend to be there and listen to her. Listen to her  belly, baby, poop, toy stories and if you can't take it anymore… well go have a glass of wine at your place cause girl… this ain't far from being over (HAHA), you'll have to go through those topics over and over again. So might as well educate yourself as well so that you can actually hold a conversation with her on the subject, or else believe me here, you'll feel as if time has stopped itself. 

9- BE AS EXCITED AS SHE IS. Go shopping with her and be as amazed as she is when you guys will be looking at those ungodly tiny pajamas that are as cute as the other. Watch those baby videos you find on YouTube and laugh with her; try to have fun and tell her it's cute. Try to feel the baby moving by putting your hands on her belly. I mean, just be as excited as she is. In truth, this is the moment of a lifetime and to be honest, it's pretty an incredible thing to witness. 



That said, be there for her, listen to her, support her… just be present along her incredible journey. Bottom line is, it's pretty simple, gifts aren't as important than your presence you'll be given her. Now and after her she gave birth as well. But we're not there yet, so don't stress darling, all is good (Or if you're stressing out, well just know that it'll stress her and she won't find it funny at all)

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