To the man I love,

I believe that love, real love, possesses such clarity that our soul recognizes its purity the moment we lay eyes upon HIM.

You know he’s the one when:

– His gaze makes everything fade into the background

– You can bare your soul, allowing him to see your vulnerability

– He enters your thoughts every day; several times a day

– Simply spending the day watching movies in bed with him becomes a cherished moment

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– He brings out the best in you

– You are 100% sure that he’s the man with whom you wish to start a family

– Spending the rest of your life with just one person doesn’t scare you, knowing that it is he who will always be by your side

– You want to share every moment with him; be it a moment of anger, sadness, joy, or fear

– The very scent of him brings you the greatest measure of comfort

– All of the barriers between you no longer matter; neither age or judgements or even the bridge that separates your South Shore and his Greater Montréal

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– You would be ready, far more than you ever imagined, to makes compromises out of love for him

– You are mutually complementary

– A song, a moment, a meal; each reminds you of a moment you’ve shared

– Imagining a life without him is so painful that you prefer not to think about it

– Everything changed from the moment he entered your life

– He is, in your eyes, the most handsome man you’ve ever met

– Simply seeing the joy his music or his video games bring him makes you happy

– No matter what life might throw your way, you know that you will always find each other in the end

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Life can sometimes come between two people who love each other. Sometimes it’s due to circumstance, sometimes it’s a matter of timing, and sometimes it’s fear itself. Regardless, I believe that real love transcends time and guides us to the person who makes our heart beat to a different tune.

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