Everyone has questioned themselves at least once in their lives. In fact, whatever the reason, one day we all will doubt ourselves, not knowing what we want, where we are going … It even happens happens to us more than once (kind quite often). For me, I can not escape that fateful latent state when we feel helpless against our existence. The word may be strong, but I’m sure you know what I mean. You know the time when all our questions seem unanswered, which we no longer know which way to go. You know those times when nothing is going well, where we do not advance …

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No, it is not capricious. Even less insecurity. Know that it is very normal to doubt yourself, and it’s even healthy. It helps us make the right decisions and improve as a person.

I want to say that I am not self-proclaimed expert on motivation (far from it), but thanks an article similar to this one, I read about six months ago, It clicked and everything changed for me. Episodes of doubt and anxiety had always been a part of my life and my career but are much less present because now I know myself better, and I’m truly moving forward. It is in this light that I had the idea to write an article to share my experience and help all those who like me, just want to find, the light, and be happier.

I am me

When something is wrong, no matter the reason for our discomfort, we must try as much as possible to get rid of that feeling. We must put aside our problems, the ones that are weighing on us, and think only of ourselves. To feel better, it’s really, really easier said than done. Being alone with oneself is not always the easiest. It is even often a strong emotional moment because we have to face our fears, to face what prevents us from moving forward and fight the light. But we are all capable of this, even if it’s hard. It is a part of all of us. We are the only ones who know what we really want.

Existential Questions

Asking the right questions helps. You know those questions that come back to us that keep us on edge…Well so do not be afraid to ask them again and again. Who am I, me? What I want in my life? What are my dreams, my aspirations? What can I do or stop doing to help me realize myself to help me reach my goals? It is not easy to answer all of these questions, especially when we no longer know where we are. Well, we must keep drawing within us to find the answers, and it is only then that thing that will keep us moving. It’s so important to have a goal, a purpose, ideas, projects … This is what defines us as a person, which makes us unique. This is what will make you become your best, when we will flourish.

It is only once you have hit the nail on the head you will finally be able to see clearly. Thereafter, everything is easier. This is when the fun part will begin. You’ll feel alive again, become motivated. We must leap through the void, blindfolded and face the unknown.

Even more, and even more

As for me, when I made a point to change my life, I banished all negativity only to retain that which makes me happy. And I made a big step, I decided to get better, to surpass myself, to do all I can and to have a life that I love. An improved version of me, that is my goal every day when I go out of my bed. I have since started the continual quest for transcendence, self improvement, self satisfaction. This is far from won. That, I know, but now I take all opportunities that present themselves to me. Better, I create opportunities. I’m not afraid to move forward, but mostly I know why I’m advancing. I live my life as I see fit.

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In summery, 5 steps to remember :

  1. Separate yourself and concentrate on yourself: it is the basis
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Find the problem, put your finger on what is keeping you from being happy and the reasons that explain your discomfort
  4. Act, take concrete action, take risks and go for it.
  5. Work hard, and always harder. Do everything you can to help self-realize. Then slowly but surely, as you will build your happiness.

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