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Ever wondered why certain colors make you look sick or washed out? Or, why that red lipstick looks so good on your friend but clashes terribly with your complexion? Most of it has to do with your skin’s undertone. Everybody’s skin tone ranges from fair to dark, but undertones can be cool, warm or neutral. Having a cool undertone means your skin has a little hint of red to it, while having a warm undertone means you’ll have hints of yellow (neutrals have a bit of both. By knowing your skin’s undertone, you’ll be able to better select the cosmetics, clothing and jewelry shades that best complement your complexion. Here are a few tests you can try in order to determine your undertone! 


Jewelry Test

How to Choose The Best Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

Source: Fashionisers

Go through your jewelry box, find both a gold and silver piece and try them on one at a time. If you find that the silver piece suits you better, you may have a cool undertone. If however you find gold looks better on you, you might have a warm undertone. If both look fabulous on you, or you can’t really tell a difference, you likely have a neutral undertone (you can pretty much pull of any color, lucky you).

Wrist Test

How to tell skin undertones

  Source: Beautylish

Take a look at the inner part of your wrists and try to locate your veins. If they’re more purple or blue, that indicates a cool undertone; if they’re green, a warm undertone. If you have a bit of both or can’t really tell, you have a neutral undertone.

Tanning Test

Girl On The Beach at this gorgeous beach

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Those with cool undertones tend to burn fairly easily due to the skin’s natural low level of melanin. However people with a warm undertone are the lucky ones who will tan very easily (so jealous)! If you find yourself in between those two extremes, meaning you still tan but will burn if you stay out for too long, then you have a neutral undertone.


Color Test

Blue dress and orange shoes.:

Source: The Hunt

Pick out an orange piece of clothing and a blue one. Orange clashes with cool undertones while blue is more compatible. If it’s the other way around, you have a warm undertone. Don’t see much of a difference? You’re neutral! 

Now that you know you’re skin’s undertone, it’ll be a lot easier for you when looking for the right foundation or lip color (I mean how many times did you buy a drugstore product only to find that it looked a lot better in the tube than on you ).


Have any tips and tricks to discovering what your undertone is? Let me know in the comment section bellow! 


Cover Photo Credit: Femface

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