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Yippee, the time has come! Summer is at last here! I couldn’t believe it for awhile! Finally, the bipolar weather we were experiencing decided at last to make way for warm temperature! Time to wear our beloved shorts, sunglasses, show your tan (just exclude me on this one though), enjoy a pitcher of sangria, days by the pool, tanning oil and suncream (always my BFF during times like these): this will be great season! However, when the sun is finally taking over, we need to be ready like soldiers in order to enjoy Summer to the fullest! Being myself an undying epic warrior who’s always ready to make a list about anything, I’ve then created one about the essentials items you need to have at all time in your purse during the hot season! Ready? Set! Go!

Suffolk Bag from Aldo – on sale for $24.98

First and foremost, there’s no denying about how bad we’d need a bag in order to carry our summer’s essential, am I right? As for me, I’ve opted for a bag that reminds me of a getaway in the tropics right on the beach… I’m daydreaming just looking at it! (It shows you how little I need in order to put a smile on my face!)


sac à main


 Wadowen sunglasses from Aldo – $12 

OBVIOUSLY, we don’t ever go out in the sun without our beloved sunglasses. If you don’t have a pair of these, you’ll have wrinkles before turning 35! (I may be exaggerating on this, but they were creating for one good reason!)

lunettes 2



 Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner – (Around) $45 

Here it is: my beloved husband! In fact, the complete collection of Dermalogica is breathtaking! I LOVE it! For today’s article that I find this item perfect to carry around on your everyday life! I apply this multi-active spray after I’ve done my makeup, it helps hold the latter during hard days! Let’s be honest here, it replaces thermal water! I can then spray it a little bit and there throughout the day in order to hydrate my skin in two seconds! (Seriously, do yourself a favor and go buy one!)



ROC’s suncream – $24 

Maybe some of you have notice… I’m like Snow White! But in blonde… and minus the seven dwarves! (I only have one and satisfy! haha) I then don’t have any other choice, I have to keep putting suncream whenever I can! From as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated the odor. But now, since last summer, I’ve discovered this work of god: this spray from ROC! It smells nice, doesn’t my skin greasy and protects my skin to perfect. Me and him are best buds!




Sea Spray Lush – $12.95 

A real revelation which my boyfriend hate because he ends up with salt on his face… well MY SEA SPRAY from Lush on his face! -I’m exaggerating, there’s no salt, but it is true that my hair smell a bit like salt! Once summer is here, I spray this product all over my hair and the latter becomes like a siren in only a day… The dream!




Biotherm energized water – $55 

During summer, I swap my rich perfume for this perfume that is simply perfect! The odor smells like a mix of fruits, flowers and sugar! (No, I’ve never been good to describe a fragrance, but it smells good, that is all and just take my word for it!) This is THE perfect to have in your bag during Summer.




Gloss Colorlicious Honeyed Kiss 610 from Covergloss – (around) $10 

I’m the type of girl who tends to go crazy with vibrant colors on the lips, but sometimes, I love to apply a neutral colored gloss during SUmmer! Here’s why I don’t go outside of the house without bringing with me with little wonder of life! Aside of looking fabulous, the gloss give a slight flavor of vanilla on the lips. yummy!




Chubby Stick Face Highlight from Clinique – $24 

As for beauty products, I have to admit being recently in love for any Clinique products. Back in the day, I found the latter being boring since their appearances look bland, however, I soon understood how unimportant the look of the package is! I’ve then readapted myself to Clinique’s products and today I’m proud of this accomplishment. For my must-have product, I’ve chosen Chubby Stick Face Illuminator! I apply the latter on my nose, cheeks, lips in order to give my complexion a bit more light… it’s magical! Clinique, you got me… literally!



I hope my favorite products also became yours! On that note, I’m wishing you all a great Summer, sun baths, amazing parties, great cocktails, a little bit of craziness here and there and a great tan!



Cover photo: Pretty Designs

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