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Ah glasses. For many they are synonym of love and hate. You had the unfortunate chance of having prescribed glasses in middle school? Poor you. High school? "Yeah, I'll look cool and it'll give me a fashion style". At CEGEP? "Another think to manage" At Uni? "I knew this would happen eventually… my time spent playing video games are catching up. Mom was right!" During aldulthood? "Well it all those choices nowaydays, it would be a great opportunity for me to show my personality and fashion style."

That say, regardless of the moment you learn this news and regardless of your reaction, the latest trends of New Look's lookbook truly got style. Your look is pretty trendy, timeless, vintage or fashion forward? Might as well discover New Look's latest arrivals altogether then.


But beware, before choosing your eyeframe, since your glasses also speak… and say all great things about you. Let's be clear here, your pair of glasses that'll sit in the middle of your face needs to be chosen very carefully and also according on your personality and style. Here's the proof: 

– Colored and funky glasses: whether you love getting attention, or you only wear black and it just fits with what you're wearing.



Models took from New Look's Trendy collection

–  Black standard glasses: in life, you're not really stressed out. You're someone who doesn't ask too many questions, you'll never say "sh*t, my glasses don't match with my shorts, so what will I wear??" Black glasses are versatile and go with everything. Win!


Model from New Look's Glamour collection

–  Round glasses: Harry Potter movies were a historical moment in your life. Careful, if you added tape in the middle, I think it's safe to say you took it a step too far. 


Models taken from New Look's Vintage for men collection 

–     Glasses with bottle bottom lenses: You're an appealing nerd, kinda like Peter Parker.


Model taken from New Look's Vintage collection for men 

On a serious note, New Look offers several styles of ophthalmic reason as well as solar for you and for the men in your life in this new lookbook. Your style is Innovative if you're ahead of your time and for you, fashion is a form of self expression. You're more falling into the Glamour style if you love all that is beautiful. Far from you the idea to spend a weekend camping, you prefer the 5 star hotels. Your style is more Trendy if you prefer simple designs that fit the trends. You create your own style without breaking your head and above all without doing like everyone else. Finally, your style is Vintage if you're passionate for past trends while being aware of the latest developments. It's a style that suits both women and men, then it is as much for you as for your boyfriend, your brother or your best friend. So which style speaks to you?



These models are from the Glamour collection in solar glasses and I have to say I'm dead on in live with the round shape model.



An Innovative model


These models are also part of the Novateur collection

Woud you love to win 2000$ in eyewear? Visit New Look's latest lookbook and particiape to the contest. You have till July 17th to participate.It's right HERE.


Here's another example of the Trendy style with its colored frames. Loving it.


*This article is sponsored by New Look.

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