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Attending a wedding can be nerve wracking. There are so many etiquettes to follow whether it is for the bridal party or for the simple guest.  The gift, the outfit, being prompt for the big day are all normal things to worry about when you are a guest.  Why am I sharing all of this? Because last week I attended my friend’s wedding.  As a fashion addict, I am always happy to get invited to any event that involves getting dressed up.  Weddings are a little different than any simple event when it comes to attire because you want to be dressed well, feel pretty but respectful while not being the centre of attention.  As you may assume my hunt for the perfect dress started before I even received the invitation.  My friends got engaged on Christmas Day and I knew they were planning a summer celebration.  Everybody knows that summer collections come out in March/April so that is when the hunt for the perfect dress started. I had to make sure my size would still be available.  I knew I wanted something light blue, because my boyfriend’s favourite suit is blue. This aspect narrowed down my choices pretty quick.  Today I wanted to share with you ladies the famous etiquette/rules of wedding attire and my hunt for the event. 

Before I get into how I found my dress I wanted to share the commonly known etiquette of wedding attire.  The first rule everybody knows is that guests cannot wear an all-white outfit.  I hope this isn’t a shocking statement!!!! Meaning that, yes men can wear a white button up shirt under their suit coats but women on the other hand shouldn’t wear a white dress.  The only person that should wear an all-white outfit is the bride herself, and in some rare cases the groom.  The second rule is no black outfits.  A wedding should be a happy day, not a funeral. With the years black has been associated to darkness and negativity which is not something we want to associate with the celebration of love.  The third and last etiquette is being respectful; most traditional weddings involve a trip to church for officiating the event which means church attire should be code for wedding.  Commonly a trip to church means hidden knees and high neck for women and simply well dressed for men.  Of course, this image has loosened up with the years but should still be a helpful guideline to follow for guests.  I still believe low cleavage and mini dresses aren’t appropriate attire for a wedding.  Who wants to be that woman that everybody looks at with a weird look of judgement on their forehead. On that note, these are the main guidelines I gave myself while searching for the perfect dress while remaining high fashion, of course. Finding something high fashion is ideal, but isn’t a must.

Where? My goal was to find a dress at Winners or Nordstrom because they usually have nice evening gowns; but it didn’t happen as such.  Like I had shared in a previous article I love sales. Especially good ones, but that isn’t news who doesn’t like those?  I went to Zara many times during their sale event and even though I was very determined to find the dress at Winners or Nordstrom, my luck was running low and I wasn’t finding anything that made me satisfied.  When I went to Zara I had more than one choice and ended up finding the perfect baby blue fashion-forward dress.  I had bought furry style simple strap sandal heels for the wedding before purchasing the outfit, but the dress was already too much to be paired with these type of shoes.  I ended up finding simple neutral beige heels at Steve Madden which fit way better with this dress.  As for my clutch, I had it in my closet for a while. I had purchased it at Value Village years ago and it’s usually my minimal go to when I can’t find the perfect accessory. 

I hope you guys like the whole outfit and hopefully I was able to help you for future wedding celebration attire!

The Look:

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Value Village

Photos by: Tom Morrison

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