I recently decided that it was time to start making healthier choices. That includes what I eat as well as my level of physical activity (btw, I’m a new brand ambassador for MOOV Activewear ????), and I’ve also decided to lower my intake of alcohol. Let me clarify: in my life, opportunities to drink are frequent. I attend a lot of events and there are always lots of cocktails (and they’re free). When I get home, my roommate offers me a beer. I have dinner at a friend’s place, I bring a bottle of wine. I eat with my boyfriend, we open a bottle of bubbly. I visit my parents for the weekend, my Dad pours us a glass of wine. You see what I mean, right! What’s more, I love having a drink, I love the social side of sipping on a drink in the company of friends, I like having a beer on a terrace, I love discovering new wines, taking the time to savour them, and trying to identify the flavours. The simple truth is, I drink a lot but I don’t get drunk. Summertime just makes it all the more difficult!

My cousin, who is a nutritionist by profession, has given me lots of great advice in the past. It was during a conversation with her that she challenged me to reduce my intake of alcoholic beverages to 4 servings a week. For me, that really isn’t much! Nonetheless, I accepted the challenge 3 weeks ago and I plan to stick with it! The one exception: I’m allowing myself to drink when I attend special events.

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… In my social life

Changing our habits is no easy thing when they require talking about them with people. Some of the people I’m close to are a little less than supportive of my decision regarding alcohol. “What the heck, it’s Summertime! You can’t not drink a beer with me.” “Whoa, come on, just one glass, it’s Friday after all, you’re boring…” Those are the types of comments I get all the time and they just make it harder not to give in to peer pressure. I think it’s important to make it clear that the decision is YOURS and that you don’t object to them drinking in your company because you really don’t mind and the fact that you’re not drinking doesn’t mean that you’re going to become a bore.

On the other hand, I’ve inspired several people to follow my example! There are alternatives: freshly squeezed lemonade, Virgin Caesars, sparkling water with bits of fruit… Conversations are every bit as fun without a few drinks!

… In my body

Alcohol obviously has calories. The decision to reduce my consumption of alcohol was first and foremost a matter of putting my health first; although I’ll admit that I was curious to see how my body would react. I’ve seen a real difference in just two weeks… it’s like my body has deflated. My pants don’t feel so tight and even my rings are a little looser. Perhaps I’m not retaining as much water, we’ll see! I think that the real reason is the decrease in my consumption of alcohol, although other factors could also be a part of it. Regardless, I’m experiencing a real boost in my energy level. All in all, it’s going great!

Is it difficult?

It’s never easy to change our habits. I tried to stop drinking for one month last Winter but I failed miserably. That’s why my goal isn’t to stop drinking completely; after all, my drinking is not problematic. My goal is to actually choose the occasions during which I’ll have a drink. And I’m none the worse for it!

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