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Talk of these pants reminds me of a very trendy outfit I wore when I was seven: a pair of black extreme flare pants with a pretty floral print sweater. A bowler style hat completed the outfit whenever my family and I went somewhere extra special. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! And yet, I haven’t worn another pair of pants in that particular style since then.

This autumn (as well as the past summer), palazzo pants have made a reappearance, both on and off the runway. I think we can all agree that its resurgence is quite refreshing given the emphasis on skinny pants over the past few seasons.

Given that I don’t wear high heeled shoes (as a result of a foot fracture), I don’t see how I could adopt this trend. My taste in pants is very conservative. I find palazzo, gaucho and other similar styles very stylish… just not on me. I admire people who have a more adventuresome approach to fashion. I’m just not one of them. Even on the rare occasions when I step outside of my comfort zone, those pants stay hidden at the back of my closet. My best friend, on the other hand, loves them. Teamed with a fitted top, the palazzo pants can take you from a day at the office to an evening on the town.

Here are a few options to inspire you on your next shopping trip. Palazzo pants could be the ideal solution for your upcoming Christmas parties, if you want to forgo dresses, skirts and tights.

For a sporty look:

palazzo, pantalon, tendanceSource: Zara

For a dressy evening:

palazzo, pantalon, tendanceSource: Revolve


For the weekend: (worn with sneakers, much to my surprise)

palazzo, pantalon, tendanceSource: Simons

For those who refuse to accept that summer is over:

palazzo, pantalon, tendanceSource: Dynamite


All in all, palazzo pants are very versatile and can be worn in any number of combinations; making them, once again, a great alternative to dresses and skirts when you want to be stylish without freezing your legs off in the December cold.

palazzo, pantalon, tendanceSource: Macy’s


Source: Dynamite

I hope that you’re more avant-garde than me and that you’ll give this latest trend a try this autumn. Chances are, we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in seasons to come!

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