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If you haven't seen a bomber jacket or an aviator jacket, I'm begging you to read this article that will change your life forever. Well, I know I'm exaggerating a big, but honestly, the first time I was able to get my very own first jacket was in 2015, my life has changed since my eyes locked on a black bomber jacket with flowers embroidery… you can imagine the rest. It was a work of art, nothing less. My must-have item whenever I want to make some heads turn with my "on point" fall look. 

For those who aren't familiar with today's featured piece, the bomber jacket is simply a jacket that is cambered. The latter first made its appearance during the 50s in the U.S Air Force. Throughout the years, this bomber jacket became a public object and until recently (let's say around the year 2000), it has made its way into the fashion world. Since then, we regularly see the latter in the top latest fashion trends, even more during the return of the colder seasons.

Blouson mode

Source : Nouw

Now in 2016, the bomber has indeed evolved. In the 50s, the most recurrent colors were blue and green and as we can see now, this jacket is available in all imaginable colors such as burgundy, pink, yellow and also with amazing intricate designs that will suit anyone's needs. What I particularly like about a bomber jacket is how versatile the latter is and how we can wear it with everything. Whether you wish to obtain a more casual look with sneakers or opt for a chic look with high heels, this jacket has enough character to give that extra touch of edginess to any given outfits. And if you still need some convincing, here are a few looks taken from popular boutiques that will help you be inspired.


bomber zara 2

bomber zara 3

Source : Zara



hm bomber 4

Source : H&M





simons Bomber 6 simons bomber dos 6

Source : Simons

Urban Outfitters

UB blouson noir

Source : Urban Outfitters 

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