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I love testing new products in-depth. I came across this one while shopping Sephora online: a set of two washable cloths/wipes that remove makeup without the need for products. The cloths are designed to remove all makeup with water alone. Cleansers and makeup removers are not required. I wanted to know if they worked as claimed; I was very skeptical.

I put my makeup on at the beginning of the day; applying both a face primer and eye primer, foundation, eye makeup including waterproof mascara, and longwear lipstick. I wanted to test the cloths with the most stubborn products I owned to see if they would remove everything as promised on the packaging.

A few hours later, I tested the famous cloths (you can see them in action in my YouTube video below).

My longwear lipstick disappeared quickly without having to rub at my lips indefinitely. Indeed, all of my makeup, including my waterproof mascara, was removed in a jiffy. The cloths removed every last bit of makeup from my face without causing any redness or irritation. In less than a minute, I had a clean face. The only downside I noticed: the cloth creates a bit lint, but not enough to be bothersome. I applied a little toner and serum to my face and I was done!

I am seriously impressed and my eco-conscious self is jumping for joy. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the effectiveness of this product. The only thing that has yet to be tested is the number of washings that the cloths can withstand. I couldn’t find any info on the matter. But for $15, they’re a great investment for your skin, your wallet and the environment.

lingettes démaquillantes, sephoraSource: Sephora

Other options that reduce the amount of waste associated with this part of our daily routine are available, such as reusable cleansing pads. The downside is that they require the use of a cleanser, which as we know, is all too often housed in plastic bottles (blech). Being able to remove makeup completely with zero-waste is terrific! Bravo Sephora! Now, let’s spread the word ;)

Black Magic makeup remover cloths are available on Sephora’s website. See here.

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