Virginie Pichet Editor
Virginie (Viv, for intimates) has had a passion for everything that touches fashion, beauty and make-up since she was a kid. She enjoys trying a bunch of new products and telling you about them in her articles and showing you pictures, of course! Don’t lie, we know you like it! You can recognize her by her flowy, curly hair, her trademark, that she meticulously takes care of (she is crazy about hair products). Her fashion style can be sometimes feminine, sometimes «London-edgy». She sometimes dares wearing combinations that are… doubtful(!) and she likes to stand out without doing too much. Her philosophy ? Accessories are what makes THE look! Oh yeah! That’s exactly why she owns tons of jewelry, bags, scarves, and more. What she likes more than everything are big golden pieces of jewelry – just like Beyoncé’s bling-bling! And what kind of clothing can we find in her wardrobe? Blouses just a little transparent in every color and with various, crazy patterns. Viv cannot resist to what’s beautiful (who can?) especially when it’s on sale! Oh no! She enjoys sharing with you her favorite locations, her beauty tips and, sometimes, her looks (when they are not too strange). Note : she mentions Asos a little bit (okay … a lot)!

Her articles: