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This week, it is with Alexis (who took Camille’s spot ahah!) who will be demystifying two hairstyles for guys: Messy Hair and the Bun.


Messy Hair


We are inspired by Jonny Deep to create the hair done/undone! And to get this look all you need is a few simple steps. First, you need to wash you hair and let it air dry, the old favourite. Up to now, it’s not too complicated! Then, you can take a little bit of the Stretch putty that you’ve heated up in your hands and pply it all at once to your entire head of hair to give it texture! And that’s all! A magnificent messy hair look in 1 to 2 minutes!


Man bun


We are inspired now by they very handsome Jared Let to make a seductive (I have a little crush, I’ll admit!) man bun. First, Alexis puts a little bit of the Control gel in his hair to mess up the hair a little bit and who that the man bun has more texture.


Next, simply bend your head in front of you with the ponytail hanging below your head. To secure, and get a bun, we wrap the elastically normally around the hair twice.

And there you go, gentleman, you now have two simple hairstyles which only takes a few minutes to help you seduce the ladies, woohoo!


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