For all of the athletic people or simply for those who want to stay in shape, stretching is VERY important. Like Camille shows us, by doing our stretches we become flexibility increases! A good trick for if you have to stretch quickly but you don’t want to forget parts of your body, we suggest that you start from the top of your body to the bottom.


1. The Neck



The neck is a spot that holds a lot of tension. Even more reason to stretch it out! You can do so by simply holding your hands together behind your back and lean your head from left to right, and left to right.

2. Shoulders


We then proceed to stretch our shoulders by placing our right hand on our left shoulder and pushing lightly with our other hand. We repeat the same exercise with our other side.

3. Grand dorsal


We bring our arm to our back, elbow bent again a second time lightly with our other hand. This way, we stretch our grand dorsal, which can have a lot of tension like Cam’s!

Depending on what kind of athletic activity you do , your stretch can also be done on the move. You can bring the front arm to the back or make large circles with our arms. What is important is to target what muscles you will use during your exercise.

4. Calves 


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.02.35 PM

For the bottom of the body, we simply need to do a lunge. By placing one foot in front, the flat foot, and our knee forms a 90 degree angle while resting our hands on our thigh. We then do the next leg the same way.

5. Thigh


To stretch your thighs, the base of it all, we sit down on the ground and put the bottom of our feet together. Camille is challenging you to try and touch the earth with your knees! ;)

6. Legs


To stretch your whole leg well, we should be sitting again, but this time, we stretch our leg while putting our other foot on the side of our thigh. The goal is to reach our nose as close as we can to our knee! Keep this position for 10-12 seconds before switching legs.

And voila! We are all ready for training!

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