Younger, the idea of wearing a dress never crossed my mind. I thought it would restrict me from doing this and me, being an active girl, wanted to wear shorts all summer long. I've changed. The 7 year old Camille and the current one have made peace towards that issue. I now love to wear dresses, and even more so when the sun is shining. Why's that? It's so simple. This winter, I went for two weeks to Nicaragua with my girlfriends and I was the only one of my group to have brought several dresses (and also the biggest suitcase I shall add). When I'm backpacking, I love to wear a dress after sunset: I get out of the shower, put my dress on without having to wear a bra and here I am, ready to go in no time. A dress rimes with cute and well put-together look in an effortless manner. A summer dress can be worn as much by the pool or during a night out at dinnertime. 

I then brought the latter from RVCA in my bag which was stolen from me (only for one evening) by my friend Julie. In fact the dress fit her better than it did on me. I particularly like the back with the soft cage vibe that creates structure. The neckline isn't too plunging, ideal for girls who haven't been graced with a large bust. You can easily wear it in Montreal during summertime by added a simple jacket once the sun has set since we know how the night tends to be chilly here in the city. I'm currently wearing the latter as a nightgown, in my bedroom during the weekend. I love how this dress can be so versatile and never wrinkles! Hassle-free when comes time of packing that's for sure! Would you wear something like this? 




I'm wearing:

Dress – RVCA

Jewelry – Camillette

Sandals – Chaussures Pop

MUA – Cindy Contreras

Photos by – Vikki Snyder




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