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I started skiing back when I was 4 or 5 years old. Yes, I started young but my whole family are avid skiers which means it didn't take too long before I, too, put those uncomfortable shoes and skis on before hurtling the slopes. Younger, I basically went skiing every weekend. It wasn't a rare thing for us to leave for a few days and try a new mountain that was perhaps located a little bit farther away from home. Skiing is part of who I am, and I have to admit I've neglected this amazing sport over the last few years. It would be easy to say I didn't have enough time but I strongly believe I simply carried out other projects and simply put it on the side. 

Then, as I was in Europe from last September till December, the occasion presented itself:  skiing in the Alps. I mean everyone who loves this sport has heard of it, and for obvious reasons, this has to figure on my bucket list. The only downside is that the occasion might never always present itself: we might be in a rush to travel, we often go on a trip during winter and in that case, choose tropical destinations over ski resorts and perhaps, we simply don't have the time off for a much needed holiday. 

At the end of November, everything has magically put into place and I was able to go to the French Alps for a weekend. The choices are endless obviously, but I had the chance of exploring Val Thorens. Location-wise, this was perfect (not too far from where I did my exchange program, in Lyon) and thankfully, the resort was already open at the end of the month, around the time I went. Why do I dare saying I skied in heaven? Let the picture speaks for itself.

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Val Thorens is without a doubt the most gorgeous mountain on which I've ever skied in my life. Well, it's safe to say that all of the previous ones I've done before were in Quebec but still, you get the idea. I spent several amazing days getting to know the slopes with perfect conditions: it wasn't too cold  (I mean, I was wearing a spring coat), the waiting line was more than bearable (an average of a 5-minute wait) and the view was breathtaking. Little to no ice, REAL snow, my inner skier couldn't believe her eyes. The mountain, located in the 3 valleys contains several tracks and a small village. You can find terraces to enjoy the warm sun's rays and a tasty pint of beer towards the end of the afternoon, countless restaurants and bars are also available, great accommodations that will please anyone's needs, 1-2 grocery stores, places to rent ski equipment, etc. That say, you'll find anything your little heart desires.


DCIM101GOPROGOPR1516. Credit: Maryanne Dupuis

Also, to get there you don't have to rent a car, you can easily hop on the public transit. Personally, since I stayed in Lyon, I took the train departing from Gare de Moûtiers, then took a shuttle bus in direction of the ski resort. For more information, simply head on Val Thorens' website.

If ever you've been to the Alps and skied on breathtakingly beautiful mountains, whether it was abroad or even here in Quebec, don't hesitate to comment and share with us your recommendations in the comment section below!

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Credit: Maryanne Dupuis

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