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Well first of all happy New Years! My New Year’s was quiet but perfect. I was able to get the day off of work and worked late on the first of January (perfect combination). For once I had the chance to really party but didn’t even feel like it, instead my boyfriend and I decided to do a little romantic evening. We cooked amazing pancetta risotto and then went to “Northwood” one of my favourite little bars in Toronto. After the countdown, I asked my boyfriend what his resolution was and he said he didn’t believe in that. This obviously made me question him why; His answer was that we don’t have to wait for the New Year to make a change. On that note my 2017 resolution was to make no resolution and challenge myself daily to make the changes I want to make. Overall, this was a great start to the new year, but it got me to reflect about all the fashion ups and downs of 2016.

 I am the type of person that likes to pull the band-aid very quickly before eating the candy, that being said I will start with the “downs” of 2016. The thing that saddens me the most is the closure of many stores, particularly the closure of American Apparel. In honour of this amazing brand, or should I say trend starter, I did buy my NYE dress on sale in one of their closing stores downtown Toronto (which is the outfit I am wearing in the pictures of this article). Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that everything was on sale and that I was able to afford more than one piece of clothing in one visit. The high prices at AA never stopped me from shopping there because of the quality of the products but that being said I had never been on a shopping spree in one of their boutiques. So, this year I was into the whole retro style but there is one thing I never liked and never will; the full length wide legged pants. I hope these pants don’t stay in style for 2017. The last thing I could forget about 2016 is the shoulder hole shirts whether it was a cotton shirt or wool one I feel like this trend has been over used this year and we don’t need any more of those over designed shirts. 

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Now let’s eat the candy, 2016 also brought a lot of amazing trends and new stores. First, we were lucky enough to welcome international retailers into Canada such as Nordstrom and Uniqlo, I feel like this is the start of a bright future for Canadian fashion. Secondly, I was, and am still obsessed with velvet, I feel like it is the most fashion forward trend I saw walking down the street this winter. Hopefully this is a trend that is here to stay because it is very classy but sexy at the same time. You definitely haven’t seen the end of it; on me that is. Thirdly, retro in general; I am still in love with all the CK (Calvin Klein) products and hopefully they will come up with more innovative classic designs. Still on the retro theme I think we haven’t seen enough of the wide hippie wrist shirts. I did purchase a couple of them from Free People this year but I do want more, it’s one of my current obsessions and I am sure you’ll be able to tell by reading my future articles. Last but not least my ultimate favourite: THE CHOKER. The choker was a big icon this year, it is fully back in trend and it is constantly being tweaked to make it better. I thought I would be over this trend by now but I actually can’t get enough and won’t stop wearing this accessory anytime soon. 

2016 was an amazing year fashion wise, here’s to hoping 2017 will be as innovative.

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