Last Thursday, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Young Philanthropists’ Circle invited us to an unplugged event which marked the end of the Colours of Jazz exposition at the Museum. It was the perfect opportunity for Danone to showcase their new collection of Oikos yogourts with an exquisite spread. The array included their four new flavors as well as delicious addons for the yogourts such as chocolate, various nuts, fruits and more! The evening had a 1920's feel to it with its charming decor, the live jazz band, burlesque performances, a pianist and a DJ. And now, without further ado, here are the four new Oikos flavors : 



Coco Flakes

Coconut is gaining more and more popularity these days and is being revered because of its nutritional benefits. It is something ideal to add to yogourt. This new flavor instantly transported me to the Mediterranean sea with its crunchy coconut flakes in every bite. It was definetly my favorite of the night. 

Banana and Raspberry Choco

For all the chocolate-lovers out there, I highly suggest these flavourful combinations. It's like dessert, but with all of the good, nutritional things of a traditional greek yogourt.  There is even a chocolate-surprise in the bottom of the cup!

Lemon Meringue 

This lemon-flavoured yogurt was truly delicious and will please all of you citrus fans. It's surprisingly refreshing! For a truly perfect breakfast, I suggest adding granola. 

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Danone really outdid itself with this new Oikos greek yogourt collection. The combinations of flavours are really tasty. On a personal note, I always have yogourt in my fridge because it's such an easy snack, either for lunches or afternoon snacks. The best part? They're made of natural ingredients, contain only 100 calories and have 7 grams of protein. It's a great guilty pleasure…. without the guilt! It's also ideal after physical activity since the proteins help with muscular recuperation. For those of you who would like to try something different for breakfast, a healthy yogourt smoothie really changes things up from the traditional peanut butter toast. You can add whichever flavour Oikos and it will be delicious! The best way to start off your day with all the key nutriments. So, how do you dress up your yogourt? 

Oikos, yogourt, mbam, musée, montréal, lifestyleblogger, blog, yogourt, santé, nutrition, sport

*This article is sponsored by Danone.

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