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Some of you already know that we (Cam & Viv) traveled in Jamaica in January 2013. Yep, we had a little “ya mon”-style girl trip to start the year in the BEST way possible. Before the beginning of the year, we decided that 2013 would be a great year full of surprises and, for us, a trip was the way to make it happen. A week is very short: Jamaica was a perfect choice when we found a direct and very cheap (thanks, YULAIR!). This way, we knew we could make the most of the week. We know that many tourists who visit Jamaica choose the all-included formula. We decided to go for a less traditional trip in a beach destination: backpacking! We can never feel as free as when our whole life holds on our backs. Before leaving, manyyyy people told us to be super careful, since Jamaica doesn’t have the safest reputation. Were we too carefree? We weren’t scared at all. We left without a real itinerary. The only thing we knew was where we were sleeping on the first night, but after, everything was flexible. We ended up staying in Negril for the whole week, since we decided we didn’t feel like spending too much time transporting from one place to another.


The city to discover: Negril. But the real Negril, far from all the hotels. Dare to speak to the locals. They will gladly tell you where to go to eat, party and have fun.

Ganja: It means weed in Jamaican patois. It’s quite important to be aware of it, to be able to say no!

The hotel: We stayed at the Firefly, in Negril, since they offer beach cabins, which are THE cheapest option in the whole city. Yes, you have to share the bathroom, but who cares? You’re safe at night and you sleep right next to the beach (well, on the beach actually)… you don’t even need to cross a street to swim in the ocean. Also, nudists are welcomed there (but we always kept our bikinis on, lol!)

Transportation: Don’t be afraid to take the minibus, it’s very cheap, safe and fast. It’s really not necessary to pay way too much for a bus full of tourists. You might spend the ride squeezed between your backpack and the other passengers, but minibus for the win!

The taxi tip: You need to bargain as much as you can for all your taxi rides. Locals pay around $1, when we have to pay $10. Don’t hesitate to bargain with the driver, he won’t get insulted.

Be careful: Many locals are very sweet and you think they are your friends, they come at the restaurant with you… but then they might ask you to pay the bill. Make sure that everything is clear before going out for dinner.

Don’t forget to bring:

1) A LOT of sunscreen. The sun can be pretty intense there!

2) Nice dresses to go out, cause Jamaican girls almost exclusively wear high heels (even on the beach).

3) A whistle if you think you will walk at night, since it can save your life. Unlike a knife, it can’t be used against you. Think about it.

Here are some of our pictures to inspire you… for us, this trip was MAGICAL!!!

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