Alright everyone! Bikini season is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating chocolate bunnies non-stop since Easter (I mean, how can you resist them? They’re so cute!) Getting your diet back on track is definitely a huge component of trying to achieve that ideal bikini body, but so is your workout! I find it harder to get motivated and to stay active during winter because it’s dark and gloomy and I just wanna bundle myself up in blankets forever (at the fireside with a hot cocoa ). But with the arrival of warmer weather and sunshine, I definitely feel more energized and ready to take on some new workout challenges!


I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to do a lot of heavy weight training or crazy hard core workouts. I like workouts that make me feel strong and empowered through endurance and flexibility, like yoga and Pilates. Unfortunately, my metabolism decided I needed something a lot more intense in order to get the results I was looking for both physically and health wise. That’s when Ballet Beautiful came into play. This company was founded by Mary Helen Bowers, Nathalie Portman’s trainer for Black Swan, and has a wide array of ballet inspired workouts! The company also trains celebrities such as Zoey Deschanel, and a few of the Victoria’s Secret Angels!


Now don’t be fooled into thinking these workouts are gonna be easy just because they look beautiful, graceful, and effortless: you will sweat and suffer (but hey, no pain no gain). The workouts consist of repeating ballet inspired movements in 4 sets (sometimes even 5) of 8 in a row, followed by quick stretches in between each exercise. This will increase your muscle’s endurance and potential for strength, leaving them long, lean, and toned. Ballet Beautiful is all about finding balance in the way you feed your body and train it. There are no strict diets recommended or crazy workout programs to follow (although if you email them they will suggest one according to your needs. so sweet). It’s about your journey at becoming a healthier you by listening carefully to your body and taking it one step at a time.


I fell in love with the workouts right away! They challenge my body to its limit in a way which I find more suited to my personality. I’m currently growing a collection of her DVDs (love them!), but if you visit the website, you’ll find streaming videos, a lifestyle book, live stream training, and more. Mary Helen Bowers also holds a blog on the website where she keeps you posted on her favorite healthy recipes (no deprivation is preached here! You eat until you’re full!) and lifestyle habits (giving you tips and tricks on how to squeeze a few workouts into your busy schedule!).


In the end, it’s about your journey to a healthier, and happier you. By finding balance in the way you eat and by treating your body with kindness and understanding, you’ll find yourself much more satisfied and proud of what you’ve accomplished. If your current workout or eating habits (I hate the word dieting) make you unhappy, than look for another one! There are so many possibilities out there, so try different ones until you find your happy medium! :)

What are your favorite ways to get active? Let me know in the comment section bellow! 

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