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When you were a little kid and you had no concept of time what so ever, you knew Christmas was just around the corner when your parents (or grandparents in my case) came up to you with an advent calendar! Now for a chocoholic like myself, this was the best thing ever invented by mankind, but for my little sister who somehow hated (and still hates to this day) any kind of chocolate, it felt more like a torture device. I guess my sister wasn’t the only one because, as time went by, advent calendars no longer limited themselves to chocolate. David’s Tea, Squish Candies, and to our greatest delight (meaning all of us makeup junkies) many makeup companies now carry their own version of the famous calendar (YAAAASSSSS)! So, without further ado, here’s my top 8 of the advent calendars you’ll want to treat yourself to this year!

#1 The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar – $99

Source : The Body Shop

And…The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar – $169

Source : The Body Shop

Of course the first brand on my list has to be The Body Shop (best body butters ever)! Not only are their products of high quality and affordable, but they’re cruelty free and 100% vegetarian. Another little bonus: the company gives you 2 calendar options filled with 24 deluxe sizes of body care, skin care, and makeup goodies (depending on how much you want to splurge)!

#2 Benefit Girl O’Clock Rock – $59

Source : Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit: The kings and queens of packaging! Their products are always so pretty and super cute (I can never get enough)! For their 2016’s 12 days of Christmas, the brand offers you some of their cult favorite makeup products such as their lip and cheek tints, mascaras and even their It’s Potent eye cream (I recently bought it and boy: it’s potent!)

#3 NYX Wanderlust Advent Calendar – $75


Source : NYX Cosmetics

I feel like NYX took 2016 by a storm and quickly became a staple in every beauty addict’s makeup bag. The products are super affordable, of great quality and the brand keeps itself up to date with the ongoing trends. Their calendar contains 12 eyeshadows and 12 soft matte lip creams with colours inspired by some of the most beautiful travel destinations!

#4 Ciaté Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set – $59USD

Source : Sephora

Mind you, this one is an online exclusive, but if you’re as addicted to nail polishes as I am, you probably won’t care! I mean, this set is sure to satisfy all of your nail polish fantasies until they come out with their 2017 calendar next year (or until the spring collection comes out…that’s when you know you have a problem). Also, can we just take a moment and admire this amazing rosegold glitter nail file (so pretty)!?

#5 LUSH 12 Days of Christmas – $99.95

Source : LUSH

I’m sorry LUSH, did you say full sizes!? Yup, this advent calendar, made of a reusable hat box, contains 12 of their limited-edition holiday treats. If you’re new to the brand, their products are handmade with fresh ingredients and are cruelty free. So not only do they spoil you with big sizes, but they help save the animals! What’s not to love?

#6 Artdeco Advent Calendar – $86

Source : Beauty Boutique

Artdeco is a German brand of makeup which I’ve never had the opportunity to try, but I love discovering new products (so exciting)! This advent calendar is filled with eyeshadows, nail polishes, mascaras, lipsticks (you name it, it’s in there)! If you’re a little adventurous and want to try out a brand that’s otherwise not available in Montreal, then you should totally get this calendar (it’s sold out online, but still available in Pharmaprix stores)!

#7 The Face Shop Advent Calendar – $39

Source : The Faceshop

12 days of Korean products? Yes please! This calendar is by far the most affordable one on the market and is filled with the best goodies like nail polishes, makeup, and skincare (which Koreans are known to excel at)! If you’re in the mood to try something different but you don’t want to take the risk of spending a lot of money on something you might not like, then look no further!

#8 L’Occitane Limited Edition Advent Calendar – $59


Source : The Bay

L’Occitane offers some of the best all-natural skincare and body care I’ve ever had the opportunity to try and the fact that this advent calendar is only $59 for 24 deluxe sizes of their all-time best sellers blows my mind! There’s everything you need in there: fragrances, hand creams, soaps, showers gels and more. Definitely worth every buck!


Which one will you (or would you) get? Let me know in the comments section bellow!

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