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Once the weather climbs above freezing point, one sees some glimmers of light… warm weather is right around the corner. By praying we won't get caught in an other snow storm this April, here are hairstyle ideas that might serve as inspiration over the course of the next few days.  

#5 That grunge style, you know when your hair hasn't been washed in 2-3 days (we've all been there), we simply wear a bandana and get inspired by any 90s punk-rock bands! A small amount of dry shampoo is all you required to obtain this effortlessly cool look . To bo worn with an old  T-shirt and ripped jeans.

grunge, bandana, hairstyles 2017

bandana, vogue, grunge, hairstyle 2017

hairstyles 2017, grunge, hair goals

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#4 More fitted for music festivals, these funkier hairstyles contain glitter, jewelry and diverse hair accessories that will undeniably be a must in order to stand out this summer. All in!

hair, colored hair, funky, hair goals

glitter, hairstyle, hair goals

glitter, hair goals, hair summer 2017

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Do we all remember this glitter roots trend? ;)

hair, hair goals, hair glitter

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#3 Another colourful trend we shall see this year:  pastel colors! Whether it's a full coloration, getting your hair bleached or perhaps just have hints of pastel colours at the tip of your hair this wont make you go unnoticed.

hair, braids, colored hair, pastel hair

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green hair, colored hair, hair goalscolored hair, pastel hair, hair goals 2017

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blue hair, hair goals, colored haircoclored hair, hair goals, grey hair

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#2 I'm putting this one as my number two since it's the easiest one to recreate and it's both sexy and cute. This "hair flip" is as easy as running your hand through your hair in the opposite direction of your usual parting line. Not an elaborated look, however loved and effortlessly cool. 

hair flip, haistyles, hair goals 2017

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hair flip, hair styles, hair goals 2017

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#1 This year, it's all about boho-chic with natural flowers, air dried hair, braids and rebellious hair. This semi-elaborate hairstyle is simply gorgeous by remaining simple and edgy. Perfect for any festivals or spending the day at the beach. 

tresse, hairstyle, bohohair, beach hair, hairstyle, boho chic

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