Have you ever heard about Meuble2go? It’s an e-commerce that sells furniture! They offer free shipping and a great amount of furniture were made locally and we, at LeCahier x TheBooklet love it. They don’t only have an online boutique, they have also opened a 3d boutique in Montreal’s Mile-End district, a few blocks aways from our loft, where we can find decoration accessory that aren’t available online. I went and Katherine welcomed me with open arms. We browsed around the store together and found my favorite 5 pieces which I shall show you in a bit. You’ll also find my favorite pieces from their online boutique that will fit more into the furniture category. By the way, you can find lots of Christmas gift ideas for any deco’s enthusiasts in this article or simple at their boutique located at 160 Saint-Viateur East, Montreal.

Top 5 accessories

A marble clock

Alright, first and foremost, these clocks are beyond perfect. I don’t even know which one I’d choose between these three. I love their minimalism, their golden needles with their own different details and most of all, I love the fact they were made in Montreal by Obiekt.

Sans titreVase assortment, they make me it of origami and/or paper lanterns. I love their shiny finish and texture. These are perfect for a finishing touch on your coffee table or on a big shelf.
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A huge golden plate

Once again, a big plate such as this one is ideal to add an intriguing touch to a table, tablecloth or on a piece of furniture (leaning on the wall). I love everything gold when it comes down to interior design, it gives a chic aspect when it’s done in moderation.

Sans titre

A mini table/folding tray

When you live in a tiny space, we often need additional space but don’t wish to have the latter sitting in the middle of the living room. This is marvelous. This folding tray doesn’t take too much space and can easily be stored without forgetting to mention its great vintage look. Moreover, it will become your best ally whenever you feel of eating in the living room while watching Tv. 
Sans titre

Geometric candlesticks

I’ll have to confess something, I own many geometrical elements that dress my apartment such as vases and a chandelier. I have a soft spot for these little candlesticks. They are affordable and are perfect for a Christmas swapping gift. With the Holidays approaching, I don’t know about you, but I’ll have at least 3 swapping gifts coming this season… and I’m keeping the geometric candlesticks idea in mind! They are original and yet, still stand out and will fit in any type of interior designs.

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Top 5 furniture

Vanity table

There’s nothing more girly and practical than a vanity table in your room. I’ve long searched for these when I moved, but didn’t quite found what I was looking for. This one fits right down my alley with its assorted chair.Here.


White and chrome bookshelf

Personally I love filling space in a room with the help of a bookshelf like this one, on which we can put cute objects (like my heels for example). It’s appealing to the eye and practical and adds storage space. I love its modern touch. Find it online

Capture d’écran 2015-11-13 à 10.43.50

Metallic chair

A great mix of industrial and contemporary styles. These chair will fit in any type of interior designs by adding a raw touch which I particularly love. right this way.

Capture d’écran 2015-11-13 à 10.47.26

Rustic dining room table

In interior design, I may love modern style as you may have noticed, but my flat is still decorated with vintage furniture that were found pretty much anywhere. I love the warmth and cozy aspect of this table. It’s the type of furniture that will never go out of style. Get your own rustic dining room table right here.


Retro night-table

This night-table makes me think of where I’d store my makeup. It’s drawers are truly practical to store any type of small items and I love its retro vibe. Everything is in the details, please notice its chromed paws! Get yours here.


Which one is your favorite?

*This article is sponsored by Meuble2go.

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