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There are several reasons that pushes us to steer clear from heels. Personally, I wear them on special occasions because in my everyday life, I wish to be comfortable and I'm 5'6", that say, I don't require those extra inches in order to elongate my silhouette. Since the arrival of ballerina flats that came into our world quite some time ago, I decided to show you a version of a flat shoe that has been remastered in a way! Here's my top 5 favourite flat shoes that won't look boring for the holiday season, pinky promise. 

Golden shoes

Since my closet contains 90% of black clothes, colourful shoes allow me to add a bit of an edge to any given outfit. At first glance they might not look versatile because of its colour, but it's quite the opposite, you can easily wear the latter with a skirt, a dress, trousers or for any occasions (meeting, happy hour, date night, at the office, etc)! It's a great excuse to continue buying black clothes in my opinion.


soulier plat or


 Oxford shoes

A classic we should all own in our closet, whether you love or not flat shoes. For real, I don't even need to make an introduction here. These ones come from Matt&Nat, a local brand that is eco-friendly with a great work ethic.


soulier plat oxford


Ballerina flats with a block heel

The block heel is once again in fashion this winter and why not add a golden touch in order to add that little glam effect to your office look or during any holiday parties. I bought mine and I'm obsessed. 

soulier plat bloc aldo

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If your work environment allows you, it is now possible to wear sneakers in a cute way (I mean, if the latter as glitter even better #FestiveAF) and perhaps this will also give you the envy of hitting the gym afterwards.

soulier plat sport



I had a soft spot for those in dark blue. With black pants, it would look amazing and kinda look uncommon, am I right. Or else, I love those booties from Toms that have two tones, a big win in my book.

botillon aldo bleu


botillon noir toms



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