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The weather these days is totally messing with our minds. It can be warm and sunny one day and then the next day, it is cold and grey. Please, Mother Nature, we’ve been awaiting the arrival of warm weather for what seems far too long already!

As with every new season, I like to browse my favourite on-line retailers to see what’s new. Although my closet is jam-packed, I always manage to make room for a few new items.

Here are my top 5 faves for this spring!

Floral print dress from Zara

I know, I know, a floral dress for spring seems so cliché but I love this dress so much… It’s the kind of dress that can brighten even the greyest of days.

Robe fleurieSource: Zara

Denim dress from Abercrombie

I really like denim dresses. They’re so versatile! You can wear them to work or for a lovers’ getaway.

Robe jeansSource image : Abercrombie

Floral crochet dress from Simons

I really like dresses like this one. It’s simple but beautiful. Pair it with a denim jacket, grab your favourite cup of Starbuck’s coffee, and take a stroll downtown.

Robe crochetSource image : Simons

Ruffled dress from Aritzia

I really like clothing with ruffled details; in fact, I’d wear them all the time. I love this dress with its adorable ruffles. Slip dresses, such as this one, will be on trend this spring… I want it!

Robe bleueSource image : Aritzia

Shirtdress from Joe Fresh

A plaid shirtdress is perfect for spring days when the weather is still a little on the cool side. It can be worn equally well with tights and booties or with sandals.

Robe chemiseSource image : Joefresh

Summer is just around the corner but in the meantime, why not wear pretty dresses to brighten your days. A dress, accessories, and your favourite pair of shoes will get your day off to a great start whether it be at the office or at school. So, what are your favourite dresses?


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