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If there is something I love doing with my boyfriend is dinning out with my man. WELL alright, I don't have one at the moment, but it isn't a reason why I shouldn't appreciate this activity and even less to transform this little luxury into a romantic moment. With myself or accompanied by a single girlfriend, obviously, we all deserve that little treat. That say, with the help of my single ladies or those in relationships, I've found 5 amazing locations that are worth a visit for any romantic dinners. 

Provisions 1268

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For me romantic rimes with intimacy. I love those little places that have character and personality. Plus this location offers amazing culinary wonders aside of a cozy setting. At Provision 1268, located on Van Horne, you'll be graced with well-thought dishes crafted with passion. There are no menus and with a sum of about 50$, you'll obtain dishes created on the spot according on the mood of the chef made with fresh ingredients and products. Different and surprising to say the least.  

1268 Van Horne

Repas, plat, provisions1268, montréal, romantique, restaurant, top5, article, blog, lecahier

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Located in the heart of Montreal's Old Port (already here, we've set the romantic tone), Bremner is chef Chuck Hughes' newest baby. A great place where you can get comfort food that will allow you to have a wonderful evening. 

361, Saint-Paul East

Nora Gray

Nora Gray, montréal, restaurant, romantique, top5, article, blog, lecahier

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Low ceilings with an 60s inspired style and walls covered with wood pannels, this restaurant allows you live the Italian's generosity. You'll obviously find on the menu iconic Italian dishes that will make any mom jealous. 

1391, Saint-Jacques West 


Modavie, Jazz, restaurant, romantique, montréal, top5, blog, lecahier

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What's better than a dinner for two accompanied by an orgasmic meal with Jazz music as background music? At Modavie, you'll spend a great evening, all thanks to local jazz bands that come every nights. 

1, Saint-Paul West

Modavie, plat, montréal, romantique, restaurant, ambiance, chaleurreuse, top5, article, blog, lecahier

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La Raclette

Terrasse, La Raclette, restaurant, montréal, romantique, top5, blog, lecahier

Source :  La Raclette 

"It's with great company that the bread, wine and cheese that compliment one another best". I think this defines to perfection a successful evening. On my part, I was right away charmed by the named of this restaurant. With simplicity and a cozy ambiance, I've had the chance to eat many dishes that were all delicious.

1059,  Gilford St.

plat, la raclette, blog, montréal, article, romantique, top5

Source : La Raclette 



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