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At last, the favorite season of pretty much the majority of our readers has finally arrived! (summer is a big word since the weather hasn’t cooperated nowadays) We all make a list and insure we have everything that figures on it! Shorts, tank top, sandals, sunglasses… hmmm it seems like we’re missing something here, handbags perhaps? Personally, I buy a new one each season because I’m literally a bag wh*re. Some won’t think as much about it than I do or just don’t care as much and it’s all good. When for some, a purse becomes a very important accessory! What’s difficult when purse hunting? Finding THE perfect bag. Often, that beloved new found bag will cost more than anticipated, so we want to insure you’ll love it first. For some, the price isn’t top priority, the material, however, will be. We saw the real leather trend becoming a big seller as well as eco leather. For others, we just want a crossbody or a simple tote bag. In other words, there are a lot of criteria we can’t overlook. The most important thing is that you indeed love that so-say bag. I’ve then prepared my favorite 5 summer bags especially for you! They will suit anyone’s needs and maybe you’ll find one that you’ll love, who know! Now, let’s do this!


#1 Crossbody bag from ALDO


This crossbody masterpiece is literally one of my favorite! For the summer, I definitely prefer wearing a shoulder bag, it gives my outfit a sense of lightness which I love. Also, white became my summer color by excellence and I found the latter to go well with pretty much anything! This one is on sale at Also at 45.00$!


#2 The fringed crossbody from STEVE MADDEN


 Steve Madden

Another crossbody bag, well I told you how they were my favorite, didn’t I? For a few seasons now, fringed made a major comeback! We find this particular detail mostly on handbags and I’m loving it! However, like the say; more isn’t enough! When there’s too much fringes going on, it’s tiring. This one is perfectly moderated! Furthermore, this color makes the bag more versatile. You can find it on Steve Madden’s website on sale at 44.98$! Hurry up!


#3 Structured citrus bag from MATT AND NAT 

dwell-kite-citrus-1 Matt and Nat 

I’ve discovered this brand during my days back in Cégep. I had to do a project about the brand. I honestly fell in love with Matt and Nat. It may be a tad more expensive than other brands, but in the end you’ll have your money’s worth. This Montreal based company doesn’t use any animal form of leather. What a great work ethic! Now onto this particular bag, I’ve especially chosen this particular color and obviously if you have a bag that audacious, you need the attitude to go with it and OWN IT! It’s shape is perfect which isn’t too small nor to big! This Matt and Nat bag retails at 150$, a price that is worth the splurge!


#4 Exotic cross body from CALL IT SPRING 

BUBBLEGUM_92_RG_324Call It Spring 

This bag, named Bubblegum, is very on point. Its colors are vibrant and über feminine and cute. Indeed, you can’t wear the latter with everything, however, when your outfit is pretty neutral, you can easily enhance it with this wonder. I love this particular bag because of its size and how much of a fan I am with floral/stripes duo that can’t be found anywhere else. You can find this charming cross body at Call it Spring which retails at 34.99$!


#5 two tone bag from ZARA 


The two tone trend? I love it! Blue? I adore it! This bag is -in my opinion- everything. I find this particular model being practical and slightly more chic than what I’ve shown you above. This structured Céline inspired bag can be worn with pretty much everything such as for example when dinning out. Since this bag is bigger than any other shown products, you can obviously carry more stuff! You can also wear it as a cross body since the latter has another strap that is removable if desired. You can find this bad boy at Zara for 89.90$!

So here was my Top 5 summer bag! They were my favorite pieces of the season and I would very much like to see yours! Was there any of these your favorite or does it come from another boutique?


Cover photo : Tumblr

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