Alright ladies admit it, we’ve all had our fair share of turn offs and situations that were awkward af (as f*ck) with either our one night stands, crushes, or long term relationship guys. I came across this topic when I was chatting with my co workers who all happen to be girls, so one Saturday morning when it was really quite at work, we started gossiping about boys (obviously) and all of sudden I caught myself scribbling everything they were saying on small pieces of paper. So here I am expressing all of our top ten biggest turn offs when it comes to guys (with their permission of course). Alright so let’s just get right into it starting with the least popular turn off, and then #1 at the bottom will obviously be our biggest pet peeve.  


#10: The low self esteem dude who always needs recognition

“So we all know those guys who need constant praise and confirmation to things that they do or say. Like…sex was good last night right? Was I good? Or I went out with this guy once who wouldn’t leave the house until I told him he looked good in what he was wearing. Like usually that’s the shit girls worry about or say you know.” – N.J


#9: The over complimenter

“Those guys that’ll compliment you on social media like…omg you’re so beautiful and kind and gorgeous and sexy…..Boy you barely know me??? I could be the craziest b**ch you’ve ever met but no they always need to be extra. – M.E.L 


#8: “You remind me of my mother”

Isn’t that just the awkwardest thing you’ve ever heard? You could always just say like hey you’re the kindest person I know, or you have such a big heart…but no reminding him of his mother when in a relationship is always cute right?? – M.M


#7: The classic player type

“So I'm seeing this guy and we're back at his place, I went to the bathroom and unfortunately saw makeup remover pads WITH makeup on the latter in the trash can knowing it didn't come from my own pretty face.  Even though we're in a casual relationship and basically entitled to do whatever we both want, can you not leave any traces of previous hookups before you have a girl coming over? It's just common decency. Let's just say I left his place not too long after this unexpected discovery." -N.A


#6: Ghosting

“You know that classic move that 80% of guys do when seeing a girl; it’s not texting her ever again after they’ve gotten what they wanted and leaving her in the dark about what they feel or maybe what she has done wrong…I call that ghosting a girl.” – C.M   


#5: The quick finisher

“You know when the guy is just too lazy or can’t wait to get sex over with when he decides to finish all over you? Helloooo that’s not a thing anymore!!” – Anonymous

#4: The awkward vagina fart

“Everything is going so well and both the guy and I are really enjoying ourselves until….the awkward vagina fart just has to pop in there and then you both let out that nervous giggle that just makes it even weirder.” – Anonymous

#3: The one with the boxers

“Okay so this guy and I had just finished having sex, he decided to hand me his pair of boxers to clean myself up… Nothing better to make you feel like a princess than having a pair of boxers being thrown at you when you know your Prince Charming was wearing the latter all day long… lucky me.  But then the next morning, as I was ready to leave, he turned around and blew his nose… in THE SAME PAIR OF BOXERS….Now that poor pair of undies had sweat, dry cum and snot on its soft fabric and I had front seat tickets for the whole show. I still have nightmares to this day. GROSSEST moment of my life.” – N.A


#2: The socially awkward, unrelevant speaker

“The funniest thing a guy has ever said to me is: you’re the first asian girl I’ve spoken to and actually liked. I honestly wasn’t really sure to say to that so I just chuckled and said okayyyyy. Oh and by the way, he had a girlfriend at the time he said that (go figure).” – N.J

#1, And our personal favourite: The Screamer

“I was dating this guy, and every time he would have an orgasm he would do the strangest thing…and that is scream. Not like a cute scream that normal people do during sex but like a ‘someone just pushed me off of a cliff so I’m going to scream of terror before I eventually die’ sort of scream and boy he was loud. The best thing about this situation is that he used to climax while I'd by lying on my stomach… best position to hide my face since I would always laugh my head off, the worst part was trying not to move my shoulders as I laughed, at times he tought it was because I climaxed as well… if only he knew…" -N.A



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