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Ladies, Valentine's Day is upon us and we all know how much we'd like to surprise our other half. Secretly, we know what they love about that day; that intimate moment where you awaken your little naughty side. And lingerie is what helps best to awaken our inner goddess. Yet, the idea is to purchase something that will last throughout the entire year, and to feel empowered at any time. 

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Sokoloff Lingerie

This Montreal based brand emphasizes on a woman's sensuality through its collections. You've probably noticed many written articles featuring Sokoloff lingerie. Each pieces all transpire softness and lacy details -which is prominent in any Sokoloff's creations- reflects to perfection this sensuality. 

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Source : Sokoloff Lingerie


As for me, I indeed has a bigger chest resulting in me having a harder time finding underwear that fit me properly and enhance my curves. However, there are great companies such as  Passionata, that created pieces that offer great support by also keeping their sensual aspect which we all love. 

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Once again, Chantelle is perfect for the ladies who have been graced with a bigger chest.  Chantelle Paris is another great discovery that is totally sublime. Feminine, support and comfort would be the words I'd used to describe the brand. 

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This was my latest discovery and I'm literally in love with it. We can find everything for any body types. Personally, I have a soft spot for cuts who seem to have come straight out of Mad Men and  Blush delivers by also adding a lacy detail. I mean, you'll find lingerie that'll fit your needs, rest assured. 


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Agent Provocateur

I mean, there are times where we truly wish to feel empowered. We don't always wish to be only a girlfriend or work 5 days a week, but to feel like a femme fatale from time to time. For the ladies who wish to bring it up a notch by using a hint of eroticism, sensuality and seduction,  Agent Provocateur was able to come through with its lingerie collections. You can always opt for Agent, by Agent Provocateur that offers similar models at a more affordable price. All available at Ogilvy! 

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Source : Agent Provocateur

Calvin Klein

You're more minimalism and aren't fond of lace?  Calvin Klein reflects to perfection this go-getter, sporty, self-confident and yet sensual image. I mean, lingerie is the projection of oneself; you need to feel at eased and comfortable with what you wear in order to feel beautiful. And beauty will transpires through your self-confidence. 

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Victoria's Secret

You won't learn anything new here. For all lingerie enthusiasts, we can all say it was mayhem when Victoria 's Secret opened its door in downtown Montreal; lingerie overload in a 3 story boutique with lots of lace, color and anything that will suits anyone's needs. If you wish to feel like a femme fatale, this place is specially made for you.

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Source : Victoria's Secret

For Love & Lemons

If you love to shop online and aren't afraid of purchasing underwear online (let's be honest here, shopping for lingerie on the web is a harder than in stores); For Love & Lemons  should figure on your list. Bralettes and all other offered lingerie are all more beautiful than the other.  Here's the link!

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Source : For Love and Lemons

Boutique Vestibule

I have to confess something: if I had a smaller chest, I would wear bralettes everyday! I find the latter beautiful and I have to say at the moment, I'm too afraid of taking that leap. At Boutique Vestibule, located in the heart of Montreal's Mile-End district, you'll find bralettes of any kinds. Bralette paradise indeed.

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La vie en rose

This local brand is one of those we all love back at LeCahier's HQ. We always find something that stands out and for which we fall in love with since the latter makes us feel empowered.  Cam has often found a way to add a new piece of lingerie to her collection; whether the piece is simple for an everyday occasion or for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day, La Vie en Rose never disappoints.

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Lingerie is not only something you buy in order to please your partner, but it's a part of our feminine side. As for me, I was one of those who hated buying lingerie online, then with time, I took pleasure in that activity. Now during my days off or simply whenever I become the toughest critic towards myself, I wear my favorite lingerie; it allows me to blow off some steam and to feel at peace with my body; to feel empowered, strong and beautiful. I don't know why but even if these are only little pieces of clothing, they truly affect my mood. It's a subtle way of feeling empowered. That say, I truly hope throughout this list, you'll find pieces that'll allow you to feel  beautiful -as you should already be feeling, might I add- as much as your partner sees you. 

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