Last night was the launch of the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival 2017: the Fringe-for-All. What in Gahd’s name is that? Well, let me tell you! The Fringe Festival is an international multidisciplinary arts festival celebrating creativity without limits. In other words : THERE IS NO CENSORSHIP! Amy Blackmore, the executive and artistic director of the festival, insists on the fact that artists receive 100% of the profits and describes the Fringe Festival as the democratization of art (that is fancy!), since the Festival aims on accessibility for all.

All the shows are priced at $10 or less (+$2.50 administrative fee), which means you will be able to see as many shows as you want! Psst… a little secret, just between you and me… I’ll be presenting a show for the third consecutive year (read the article until the end for more details!).

My top 10 must-see shows (in no particular order)

1. Peter Pansexual (EN/Theatre, Burlesque)

My last article was Brunch and Boobs, so we will stay in that mind-set to start off my list! Peter Pansexual, as you have probably guessed, is set in the magical world of Peter Pan… revisited. Glam Gam has created a psychedelic of the classic, with Montreal as Neverland, where Wendy and the Darling brothers will discover the magic of sniffing fairy dust, destroying patriarchy and exploring their sexuality. (Warning: This show contains nudity and challenges oppressive systems. Liberated souls welcome.)

2. Le Plan Astral (FR/Theatre)

Is there anything more intriguing than paranormal phenomenas? This docu-theatre (yes, yes! Docu, as in DOCUmentary), will immerse you in a disjointed esoteric universe. Ten clairvoyants, four protagonists, one quest.

3. Femme Fatale (Non-verbal/Dance)

Who has never danced alone in their living room to their favourite song? This dance show captures that essence: one woman alone with her music. Thirty minutes to be real, to aim to please, to let go, to be fabulous. Thirty minutes for a small revolution. To top it all off, the music will be LIVE!

4. Cabaret Abnormal (EN/Burlesque)

FREAKSHOW + some skin = transfixing. If you ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus… this show might just be the nightmare version of the result! A burlesque-freakshow with live band and a different guest performer every night.

5. La ferme des animaux (FR/Theatre)

You can’t pass a classic such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A redoubtable text, a complex metaphor, an ambitious project. Personally, what intrigues me the most about this show is discovering how the company interprets the characters, especially since they are using masks.

6. A Woman’s Guide to Peeing Outside and Other Adventures… (EN/Storytelling)

The title alone has me buying tickets! For those of you who need a bit more, this show presented by storyteller Holly Brinkman will educate you in a comedic symposium format. Oh yeah… She is coming straight from British Columbia, so don’t miss your chance to see her!

7. Illustrated Lady (En/Storytelling)

WHAAAAAAAAAT? She is tattooing herself LIVE! Through stories of terrible choices and happy mistakes, Sophie Post Croteau will take you on a journey reflecting on memory, body and ink. (Warning: She is tattooing herself live… FOR REAL)

8. 0 Days Without Crying (En/Theatre)

Sometimes you just need to let it all out and ugly cry! And… since the misfortune is not befalling us personally, we might get a few laughs in. Follow Jess as she makes ill-advised and embarrassing attempts to “love” herself.

9. Love Painted Brown (En/Multidisciplinary)

Is there a hotter topic than multiculturalism at the moment? Shanti’s mom is Indian. Her dad is Mexican. Her grandmother married into a black family. After a childhood of eating naan burritos at Kwanzaa, Shanti’s got a lot of thoughts.

10. Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, Gahd. (En/Drag, Stand-up)

THIS IS MY SHOW! My company, House of Laureen, presents its third show at the Montreal Fringe Festival. This production is the first solo show for Uma Gahd (my husband’s second face). I am obviously biased, but I guarantee you a show that will have you laughing until you hurt! Uma Gahd is meeting her long-lost childhood friend Margaret. However, Margaret is late… Will Uma experience her first ghosting? A show making small talk of big issues: Facebook, family, feminism, and failed marriages!

So what are you waiting for? Catch that #FringeBuzz and come to the Fringe Festival!

For more information and to buy tickets:

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