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We weren’t spared a single minute of cold weather throughout the entire holiday season. It was so cold that I didn’t even want to leave the house. I put it off for one day but went outside every other day because nothing beats fresh air for clearing your head. Mind you, I wore several layers of clothing in an attempt to keep warm. There’s definitely no mistaking our clime for Mexico or Cuba! We have to dress warmly and choose a coat that’s suitable to our daily activities if we don’t want to add another 4 or 5 layers. Here’s our list of Top 10 chic and sporty winter coats to help you face our Canadian winter in style!

1. Wool and fur

This coat is so chic that it looks great with any outfit; be it a beautiful dress for a romantic evening or a pair of jeans to go shopping. This coat will keep you warm and very stylish.

Simons hiver Source : Simons

2. Military and peplum

This military style coat is a real beauty. Peplum adds a touch of femininity to a wide variety of clothing and this coat is a perfect example.

militaire banana republic
Source :  Banana Republic

3. Trench coat inspired

This wool and cashmere-blend coat is perfect for your winter day commute to the office.

nordstrom hiver manteau
Source : Nordstrom

4. Short and modern

The modern cut of this coat pairs beautifully with a skirt or a pair of dressy jeans. Perfect for an evening out with friends or a night at the movies.

manteau hiver aritzia
Source : Aritzia

5. Warm puff jacket

This coat will see you through Mother Nature’s chilliest season. Perfect for a walk in the forest or an evening in town.

Source : Helly Hansen

6. Mild weather jacket

This coat is ideal for mild weather. Our Canadian winters are more than a little chilly but we are sometimes graced with milder weather in March or April.

arcteryx manteau hiver
Source : Arc’teryx

7.Québécois Chic and sporty

This Québec owned company makes gorrrgeous winter coats. This coat looks good on everyone. It’s chic, making it perfect for your daily commute to work, and sporty, making it ideal for weekends spent at the cottage with family.

audvik manteau hiver québec
Source : Audvik

8. For polar winters

This long coat will keep you exceptionally warm when Mother Nature gifts us with -40°C temperatures.

canada goose manteau hiver
Source : Canada Goose

9. For a day on the slopes

If you’re a fan of winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, this coat will be perfect for a day spent on the slopes (and the ski lifts!). It’ll keep you warm until you’re ready to take a break with a mug of hot chocolate.

North face manteau hiver
Source : The North Face

10. Canadian beauty

This Québec owned company has a long track record of providing us with high quality winter coats. It’s not at all unusual to see our aunts, uncles and grandparents proudly wearing a Kanuk coat that they’ve owned for many many years.

Kanuk manteau
Source : Kanuk

Québécois and Canadian winters tend to be long and harsh. They can really take a toll on morale. That being said, the perfect coat might make a winter lover out of you! Speaking of which, what’s your favourite brand and style?

Happy winter everyone!

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