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My favourite way to spend a vacation is to do some adventure travelling. However, thanks to the work I do, I often stay in luxury hotels or all-inclusive resorts. I had the good fortune to go on a cruise in the not so distant past. People: let’s be honest, some south-bound travellers are less than classy. Fortunately, that’s something that can be improved.

It’s not that complicated to show some class while vacationing in sunny spots…

Of course, wearing a swimsuit at the beach or the pool makes perfect sense during the daytime! However, come evening, I expect people to ditch the swimsuit and make an effort to dress up for dinner at a restaurant. I’m not referring to ball gowns and tuxes… just wear something nice. Also, I don’t expect people to drain their bank account… it’s absolutely possible to be well dressed on a budget thanks to a few tips and tricks…

How to dress on a dime when heading south for vacation?

  1. Warm weather clothing is on sale at this time of year, both in-store and online, so now’s the time to stock up for next year. Come April, prices will go back up.
  2. Choose pretty camis to wear with vintage skirts. Yes, yes, lots of pretty second-hand vintage skirts are available. They’re easy to find, they look chic, and they don’t cost much.
  3. Just bring one pair of shoes that with will go with EVERYTHING. I promise, a pretty pair of sandals can make all the difference!

Here, for example, is a look that’s perfect for dinner on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive restaurant. I found my skirt on the Kapara website. I like the way it flutters in the wind and how easy it is to pair it with a white cami. The oversized pink handbag can double as a beach bag and the classic sandals will go nicely with just about everything! Is this the kind of style you like to wear in warm weather climes?

The look:

Top – RW&CO

Skirt – Kapara

Sandals – Le Château

Handbag – Poppy & Peonies

Photos – Alessandra Jennifer Ross

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