Ahhh those awful daily choirs, what a stress! We already spend our weeks at work and/or in school and whenever we finally have that down time, we have a thousand things going through our minds that is choir-related. It's often an undesired added stress that we give ourselves, to think about it and trying not to forget about what we have to do. Which is why I've decided to write on the matter in order to help you not forget and most importantly, to relieve you of that burden if you're the type of person who get stressed easily or simply is a procrastinator. 

First and foremost, you need plan what you have to do in the upcoming weeks, months, seasons and even this year. Then, the most important thing is to not plan everything at the same time. Or else, you'd be easily discourage and will unfortunately stress even more. 

Weekly choirs will usually be things like :

– Empty the trash

– Vacuum

-Clean the floors

-Clean the bathroom, kitchen

– Dusting

– Clean your microwave

– Laundry

– Make a list of your groceries

– Water the plants

– Etc.

Usually, tiding up will take you a good 30 minutes to an hour or an hour and a half according on your apartment's size or house. It isn't that bad for something you'd do each week. 

For the monthly choirs, it's generally more about paperwork. Such as, paying monthly bills and other related shenanigans. 

Then you have choir that fall into a big season cleanup, you'll need a complete day for that though: 

-Clean windows and mirrors 

– Clean your fridge and oven

– Clean your wardrobe

– Etc.

It's obvious that these can because daily tasks. You need to keep your kitchen clean after making something, clean your table, fold your clothes, etc. If you do these choirs regularly, it'd ease the process of the bigger ones and you'll save time by doing so.

Now onto the planning part.


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You can obviously have an agenda and put all of your daily choirs on the latter. You can do that on the same day each week, I mean, it all depends of your schedule if the latter is regular or not. If love being well-organized and to do it the cute way, then go for it.

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If you're more techno, many apps exist in order to help you out and I even found an app that is named "Ménage facile". The latter offers a cleaning agenda, tips on how to clean room by room, tips and even an option on how to equally divide choirs in between roommates. 

If you're like me and you are indeed living with roommates, before you go to bed, you'll get a flash of things you'll have to do on the next day. Leave a few post-it next to your bed and note everything as soon as you think about it. But, I shall advise you to restrain yourself from over-noting and leaving post-it everywhere, you'll end up with more choirs than you anticipated. 


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On that note, I'm wishing you good luck and as for me, my alarm is telling me that I have to do the dishes!

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