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Home décor is all about change, comfort and excitement, and we’re always on our toes for what’s coming next. It is safe to say that every year brings something new and exciting to the table, and 2017 is no different at all. Pantone has declared that this year is all about greenery and its various forms. Artists worldwide rejoice! This is your chance to show what you’re made of. It’s time to present your ideas on how to cheekily redecorate your home by using greenery as the dominant interior ornament.

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Your furniture matters

Greenery is, obviously, all about introducing green into your home; however, no matter how easy it may look, introducing it as a styling piece is no easy task. Bold furniture is definitely worth taking notice of as it’s going to be one of the key elements in your rooms. Don’t go overboard with green furniture, though; rather, opt for a subtler and gentler touch, like beige for beige and green in accents. It’ll blend together nicely, creating an earthy yet relaxing atmosphere.

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Greenery is about being green

Instead of repainting the whole wall you can do the next best thing: put on floral/leaf motif (anything flora, really) wallpapers because – what better than natural elements to evoke a sense of nature in your home, right? Spice up your old furniture with flowery furnishing to breathe new life into them. Don’t forget that even the smallest of details can mean a lot, especially when you introduce floral art in different shapes and sizes.

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Decorate your walls

You can also cleverly hide greenery elements in plain sight. A shelf here or there will mean a lot in the long run in terms of practical use of the space, and it won’t disturb the overall design you were going for. Decorate the shelves with leafy pots and include them in interior design. If you want to go that extra green mile, turn your whole wall into an important green mosaic piece for the indoor decoration. This will immediately become the accent wall which is, at the same time, your window into nature.

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Complete your home with greenery

It’s virtually impossible to have a sense of completeness in your home without any flowers in sight; it will feel sterile, suffocating almost. However, plants need as much fresh air as possible which may sometimes pose a problem (depending on the space plan you are decorating); so, what do you do when opening windows is not an option? The next best thing you can do is install one of the many handy air purifiers available to ensure that your new plant, and you, are breathing clean air. On the other hand, it’ll help get rid of dust, or at least part of it. Pretty great, right?

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Spruce up your curtains

Hey, don’t forget to change your curtains while you’re at it. Lime, green, and white are all more than phenomenal color choices for your green decor, so don’t be shy to try out to showcase your green thumb preference in the color of your curtain fabric. Your rooms will instantly look better, and the space will catch everyone’s eye immediately after they walk into your home. Just make sure to avoid going all-green-everything on the room as it might be too much for a single space.

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Staying up to date with the latest trends is a safe way to ensure your home looks absolutely fantastic! Focus on things which are easy to change and which will give your home a look it deserves; turn your home into a warm and toasty ambiance, for everyone to enjoy. Tailoring décor to your liking and staying in line with trends will take time, so don’t rush it – rather, enjoy the process!

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