The oldie but goldie saying is ‘trends come and go, but style is forever’. This well-known sentence rings true in more ways than one. Every year, we see new, or old but repackaged, trends come down the runway. Some we embrace, some we deem unwearable in real life and by real people, and then there’s the third kind of trends. This third kind holds a special place in our hearts. Why? Because these are the pieces we see and instantly recognize their staying power potential. We can simply feel their timeless vibe and already envision them being a cherished piece in our wardrobes and multiple outfits. Of course, every season has its timeless pieces – winter has its monochromatic crew sweaters and well-tailored minimalistic coats. Spring has the mighty trench coat and moto leather jacket, and the timeless summer trends comes with its own entourage of pieces that simply refuse to lose their shine. Read on carefully, inspect your closet, and if you’re short of any of these iconic items, you better hop to shopping and rectify this mistake. Summer is a time to shine, so do so, pronto.


The mighty basic

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Oh, if we could choose one kind of top to wear for the rest of our lives, it would be a simple, soft cotton gray or white T-shirt. There is something about these two specific colors, especially when they’re spotted on T-shirts that just compels you to buy them, but there is more to them than that elusive and irrational craving. The logical explanation is that a) tees in these hues always look expensive, b) they look equal parts casual and chic, which leads us to c) they can be worn with anything and mesh perfectly, creating just the vibe and the look you want to achieve. They’re unobtrusive, but you would definitely feel their absence – they’re like the salt of the fashion world.


After all this time? Always.

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The one timeless summer trend that will probably outlive us all is the white button-up shirt. Again, it’s the kind of garment that brings an air of casual elegance, and it brings something impalpable but incredible to your style. You can wear it to work, with a pencil skirt and look sharp and smart, pair it with culottes for classy afternoons and even shorts for those French Riviera vibes (leaving a few buttons undone). Now, in the spirit of being both in the trends and timeless, go for the long, slightly mannish A-line cut which will allow you to play around as you can tie it, wear it as a kimono over a camisole top, let it flow over your jeans – the possibilities are endless.


The return of the icon

Alberto Saguar


You may or may not have known this, but the household Birkenstocks have quite a strange lifespan, trend-wise. They go through seven-year lulls and then they come back in style. According to the current CEO David Kahan, the secret is holding on to the DNA of the brand, and that is what makes the real people faithful consumers. He can’t explain why they become popular among the glitterati every seven years, and he nonchalantly states that he doesn’t truly care, because as long as real people love them, they will not change a thing. So, if you’re a real person, go and get your pair of Birkenstock shoes in Australia, the US, Asia, and everywhere in the world, because as you can see, they actually never go out of style, it’s just the celebs who seem to forget that every now and then.


Let’s mix things up

Fred Leveugle


We know that the iconic little black dress is the one to beat, and chances are we never will, but in the spirit of summer, let’s combine the best of both worlds and get that amazing dress that will serve you well for both semi-casual weddings, romantic dates or simply great weekend evenings and go with a resort staple – the colorful stripes. You can pick and choose among prime or pastel colors – both are in the timeless summer trends right now, but stripes as such will never go out of style, so whichever color scheme you decide on, you won’t be in the wrong. Don’t even follow current trends in terms of cut – choose the one that flatters your body type best, and that will hide all that you wish to be hidden and show all that which is nice and curvy.


The emperor does have pants

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Okay, we all know that there is no pair of pants that will ever replace the iconic jeans. Some years, flared will be in style, other years, skinny jeans, and who knows what awaits us in the years to follow. When it comes to jeans, it’s best to follow your gut and your body type and wear the ones that show off your curves in all their glory. However, just to add a pinch of trendiness, do get a pair of great wide-leg pants, and if you want them to be timeless, get them in a neutral hue like white with checkers, or perhaps the mighty red. They may not have the staying power of jeans, but they’re bound to stick around for a few years at least in the timeless summer trend.


The shoe

 Mansur Gavriel


Oh, the shoe universe is like the real one – ever expanding. Now, mules and slides are the shoes of the season, and they are chic and stylish, so there is essentially no resisting them. Plus, the design has that aforementioned timeless summer trend vibe to it, that we have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be here and dominate the streets for a very long time, so if you love classic summer wedges, do keep them around, but get a pair of mules, you will need them.

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