Ever since Pinterest came to be, DIY projects skyrocketed in terms of popularity. Everybody’s trying to find ways to add a personal touch to their homes by revamping the furniture or even building it from scratch. We get a certain sense of pride and accomplishment when we can “brag” about building our own decor. However, there’s still lots of discrimination when it comes to manual labor. Many girls are not taken seriously or are even mocked at when shopping at hardware stores. The ugly truth is that construction is still considered a man’s job. As if women couldn’t possibly enjoy manual labor.



I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the CANAC Company. For those who don’t know them, they're the first Quebec based company to have successfully established a line of hardware stores in the region of Québec. The family owned enterprise has great values and the owners really want you to feel at home in their stores no matter your gender or your knowledge of construction work. Their employees are constantly being training so you’ll always get an answer to your question. And great news for all of us in the Montreal area: CANAC has just opened a store in Beauharnois and'll be opening one in St-Hubert next year!



I feel it’s important to support our local (in this case regional) companies (especially ones that have such good values) so we can create work opportunities and support our local economy. Construction’s no longer reserved for men. Women also dive into ambitious projects and enjoy getting their hands dirty (I mean this is the 20th century)! Anyhow, I feel super inspired by my meeting and can’t wait to start my very first DIY project! If you’re also looking for some inspiration, you should go HERE and have a look at the table Virginie made last year on our French Alter Ego Le Cahier.

Do you have any suggestions for a beginner like myself? Let me know in the comments!

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