Who said spring also said a cleanup… of your whole closet! It may sound boring for some, for me, this marks the beginning of a new season. What's better than putting away some old wool sweaters, your winter boots only to make space for your colourful items. It's a sign that the hot season is upon us. 

If hearing the verb "cleaning" might cause some headache, I'd suggest you to try KonMari's method from author, Marie Kondo. How? By putting all of your clothes on the ground by asking yourself if this particular item brings you happiness. If the answer is negative, toss it. Once this step is completed, now the time has come to storage. Small tip, KonMari's method suggests to fold all of your clothes into a drawer instead of putting them on a hanger. It's a great way to save space. She wrote a The Life-changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing, the latter became a New York Time's Bestsellers. 


Once you're done sorting everything out, why not give some of your clothes to charity cases… a win-win. It's the occasion to give a second life to your clothes! Regardless of the region in which you live in, there's obviously a place close to your home where donating clothes is indeed possible. In Montreal, for example, the Women's Center of Montréal accept clothes in order to redistribute them to women in need.



Moreover, all of us (or almost) love to receive new clothes! I don't know about you, but for me, a little shopping session represents a great way to forget about my nostalgic moments from giving away my once beloved clothes. Who ever bought a pair of shoes or a new top in its favourite store and never felt great about it? It's not rocket science. According to a study done by Michigan University in July 2015, shopping is a stress reliever and decreases sadness. Conclusion: shopping makes oneself happy! Second conclusion: Giving your old clothes to strangers makes you happy! Also, you'll have the feeling of accomplishing something by giving it forward. On that note, enjoy your Spring Cleaning session!

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