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Some of you may finish their studies in the upcoming weeks and that means you probably have a few job interviews already lined up. So today, I created three styles for three types of work fields very different from one another. Careful! I didn’t test them all, but they all fall into the classic and appropriate category. Doesn’t hurt to have a look! Because it is not the cowl that makes the monk… Your job interview is the perfect correlation to this well known expression… So ready, set, go!

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Profession : Finance

For a job interview under the world of finance, your outfit must remain classic! Wear your blazer and nice trousers, they will become your best allies. You can always have add a little touch of funk by adding a few accessories, but keep it subtle!

For this style, I’ve chosen a sleeveless blouse with a cute pattern. I’ve also added a thin pin stripped blazer in order to give texture to the outfit. To pop it up, I added a necklace that screams feminine! Oh, careful! Don’t wear any jewelry that will be noisy when you’re walking, leave the bling-bling home… You’ll also get on everyone’s nerves as well more than anything else! If you have long hair, tie it up, and wear cute little booties and TADA! You are now ready to have the most excruciating hour of your entire life (I’m kidding.)


Art’s world of all people

Here’s a field where imagination rimes with criteria. Enjoy this process in order to show you interest for the art world. Slightly deviate from the outfit shown above.

I wanted to opt for a t-shirt worn under the blazer! Cool huh? It will give a slight casual allure  often worn by the common mortals and ladies who work in the field. A boyfriend cut pants will also give that little punch effect to the ensemble.


Fashion industry

Alright, when the job position ends up being in the fashion industry… I see a big bold JACKPOT sign! Now is the time to dare (a little bit) and derogate from the classic interview outfit style.

For this look, I opted for a pleated A-line skirt with a nice print. The latter will become the focal point of your outfit! In order to dress it up,  a nice sleeveless blouse tucked in the skirt will give you a nice silhouette! Go for this cute leather jacket and you shall look fabulous! Personally, in the fashion industry, I’d go all out in terms of lipstick and would wear a deep red shade! Why not darling?


I hope these outfits will inspire you for your future job interviews. Don’t forget the key phrase: all in good moderation. Don’t go overboard, just enough in order to stand out! In the spirit, Good luck Chuck!


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