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Sometimes I feel like I am looking for myself. Somedays I want to wear a preppy outfit and others I just feel like being sporty. I categorize this as an identity crisis, maybe I am tad dramatic? Has this ever happened to you? Not knowing if a piece of clothing is really “YOU”? Or even trying a piece of clothing in a fitting room and falling in love with it because it fits perfectly but then you get home and find yourself questioning if your new outfit is your style.

Honestly this happens to me all the time but if I like it I don’t know why I question myself. Liking a piece of clothing means it definitely reflects my personality. I think I question what people are going to think because they know me wearing a certain style. Should I care about how people portray me; no but don’t we all? I am not writing this to make you think or even to teach a lesson. I am really sharing all this because I think we should be able to wear whatever we want and also because lately I keep on making questionable clothing purchases. I found myself buying all this sporty looking attire and got home not really knowing what to do with it. Today I am sharing one of those looks with you guys but also my love for this new self-discovery.

So first the sweat pants also called; joggers, joggings, PJ’S… I had never owned a pair of sweat pants before because I usually don’t find them flattering on me. This time around, I actually beat my personal record and bought two pairs of sweat pants. The first pair I purchased is from Anthropology if you don’t know this brand I would describe their clothing as being feminine and comfortable. For a sweatpants virgin finding a flattering pair was quite the accomplishment, hence why I couldn’t leave them there. For some reason sweat pants have made a come back and we should all cherish that opportunity to dress comfortably. I must say though it was hard to find a top to wear with my joggers. I couldn’t figure out what would be the perfect shirt since I wanted to keep the look fashionable. This type of pants often creates a sporty look that I wanted to avoid.

My second sporty purchase would be the oversized pullovers. I think my love for these is definitely the comfort over the look. I mean oversized pullovers can look cool but not cute nor flattering. I bought a few in the past couple months, some who are very simple and others with vintage-looking prints. The printed pullovers make me think of Gucci or Versace “wannabe’s” since I know these designers have made their own leisure wear attire. In the outfit featured in this article I am wearing a simple grey oversized men’s pullover. I love the street-wear fashion feel to it and also the coziness. It looks good with mom jeans but for the article I paired it with the classic Lululemon black leggings. This is honestly the perfect outfit to stay warm this winter while still looking fashionable.

Pictures by Tom Morrison.

I hope I was able to motivate you guys to wear whatever you like. Put aside those preconceived ideas of who you are and who you should be. At the end of the day if you like a piece of clothing and feel comfortable, I don’t know what else you need to call this one your style. Oh and keep in mind that taste changes with time, which one of us enjoyed kale as a kid?

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