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If you know me well, you know I sometimes exaggerate, never ever lie but often exaggerate facts to bring my point across.  Well, today I am not exaggerating any facts or any statements Nopaulagies shirts are the softest shirts I’ve ever owned.  Before I start talking about my love for this company, I am gonna share a little about them with you guys.  About a year ago I met Paula and her husband at a Toronto trade show and that is when I first encountered “Nopaulagies”.  Paula is the designer of this eclectic athleisure wear.   As you may have guessed by reading my articles, I love to write and that is what this brand is all about: the English language.  As a kid my dad would do constant play on words, at the time I wasn’t really getting any of it but now from time to time I catch myself making my own.  Paula has a similar story which automatically drew my attention to her brand.  Family is very important to me.  Inside of everyone of Paula’s designs you can read the reason behind her love for play on words and the goal of her collection.  Her clothing is 100% North American which I know is very important to a lot of consumers.  Her play on words are printed in the front of her shirt for the world to see.

Now that I’ve shared my knowledge on this brand I wanted to share this look I put together with my new Nopaulagies shirt.  I feel like it’s important for me to also share with you guys that lately I put my love for high fashion aside because it’s been extremely cold in Toronto.  For those of you that don’t live in the area (Montreal, Ottawa…) we have been hitting records of low temperature.  So this look is more street wear oriented which is my second go to when the temperature doesn’t allow me to look “cute”.  By cute I mean girly ex; dress, skirt…

For Christmas I got a new pair of Lululemon leggings and I absolutely love them.  A lot of people think this Canadian brand is overpriced but honestly the quality explains it all.  I felt like my new “wunder under” Lululemon leggings were the perfect match for this athleisure look. This was the comfiest/cutest look and I ended up pairing it with a vintage Foxy down ski jacket to create a streetwear vibe.  What I like the most about this shirt is the fact that it isn’t only a comfy shirt it also has an awesome message displayed on it.  When it gets warmer this shirt could also be paired with a vintage high-waisted pair of jeans such as Levi’s, tucked in of course (I hate wearing jeans when it’s cold outside).  Also if you are a yoga fan Nopaulagies has a lot of hot yoga session friendly wear.

Pictures by: Tom Morrison. 

So don’t lose anytime and go check out their website right away (link at the bottom of this article). Remember simple shirts like these can literally be paired up with any look that is why I am a big fan of Paula’s designs!



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